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English Requirements
  • English Requirements

    • Applicants to the graduate program, other than AUB graduates, must sit for the English Entrance Examination (EEE) or TOEFL.
    • Applicants must score a minimum of 500 on the EEE or 575 on the TOEFL in order to be admitted to the graduate programs. Those scoring of 550 on the EEE or 600 on the TOEFL will be admitted without any further English requirements, while those scoring in the range of 500-549 on the EEE or 575-599 on the TOEFL must take the English Placement Test. Applicants placed in ENGL 102 will lose their acceptance. Applicants placed in ENGL 203 must obtain a minimum grade of 70 in this course at the end of the first semester of their enrollment in the graduate program, otherwise they will be dropped from the graduate programe.


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