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FEA Research Committee

  • Bylaws 

    Section 6 - The Research Committee Composition

    The Dean or her/his representative as Chairperson
    The Faculty representative on the University Research Board. Four elected faculty members.

    • It shall stimulate, encourage and promote research in the Faculty.
    • It shall review all applications for University funded research grants for further recommendation to the Dean and other appropriate University bodies.
    • It shall promote communication between researchers within the Faculty and within the University.
    • It shall keep the Faculty informed of all available sources of research support whether from the University or from granting agencies.

Name Department Office Ext. Email
Mohammad Ahmad (Chair) Chemical Engineering FS1/413 3419
Rabih Jabr Electrical and Computer Engineering Bechtel/510 3637
George Arbid Architecture and Graphic Design


Elie Hantouche Civil and Environmental Engineering Bechtel/525 3474
Ghassan Chehab Civil and Environmental Engineering Bechtel/409 3496

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