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Change of Major and Transfers
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Change of Major within SFEA
When can I submit a request for a change of major within SFEA?

You can submit a change of major form to the Student Services Office to transfer between different programs in SFEA. Usually, the form is submitted by the end of regular terms. However, students are expected to stay in their major for two regular terms before applying for transfer.

What are the common courses between the different majors?

  • If you are planning to change your major, you should take common courses or courses that can replace requirements in your new major:
    o    Common courses among first year engineering programs are: MATH 201, MATH 202, MATH 218, STAT 230, CHEM 202, CHEM 203, CHEM 201 and 205, CIVE 210 (except for ECE).
    o    CHEM 202 and 203 are not required by Chemical Engineering.
    o    PHYS 210 can replace PHYS 211 in Mechanical Engineering.
    o    PHYS 211 can replace PHYS 210 in Industrial Engineering and Civil Engineering.
    o    PHYS 211 cannot replace PHYS 210 in ECE/CCE.
    o    PHYS is not required in Chemical Engineering; however, it can be counted as a science elective.
    o    A Biology elective is required by Civil Engineering, Industrial Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering. ECE/CCE could count a biology course as a preapproved technical elective depending on the course. Chemical Engineering may count a biology course as a science elective.
    o    EECE 230 is accepted by Civil, Chemical, Industrial, and Mechanical Engineering.
    o    EECE 231 is not accepted by ECE/CCE as a replacement for EECE 230.
    o    EECE 210 is a requirement for all majors except for Civil Engineering.
  • For a change of major between ARCH and Graphic Design majors: check with the ArD department.
  • For a change of major from ARCH to a major in engineering, wait until after the first term; you must submit a petition and be accepted by the prospective program.
  • A student who wants to transfer from ArD to a major in engineering is encouraged to take math and science courses related to engineering before transferring.

Transfer out of SFEA
How can I transfer out of SFEA?

  • If you want to leave SFEA after the first term, and were accepted initially to another Faculty, you could activate your second admissions for the second term by contacting the Admissions Office.
  • If you want to leave SFEA after your second term, you should submit an online application via AUBSIS. Usually an e-mail will be sent from the Registrar's Office to all AUB students concerning this issue with the proper link.

Note: SFEA students who transferred out of SFEA and later want to return to SFEA will be subjected to the same transfer rules as any student transferring to SFEA from outside the Faculty or the University.

Transfering to SFEA from other Faculties or Universities
What are the courses that can be waived for students who transfer to SFEA from other Faculties at AUB?

The following courses are considered equivalent for transfer and can be waived:

  • ENGL 206 by ENGL 204
  • EECE 231 by CMPS 200
  • EECE 230 and EECE 330 are both waived by CMPS 200 coupled with CMPS 212, or only EECE 230 by CMPS 200 (you will be asked to audit EECE  230 and will not be allowed to register for EECE 330 until you have completed the audit)
  • CHEM 202/203 by CHEM 201/205
  • For Chemical Engineering: CHEM 204 can be waived by CHEM 201, and CHEM 207 by CHEM 211 & CHEM 212 together, CHEM 219 by CHEM 215 and CHEM 216 together

What are the grade requirements for the approval of a transfer course for students transferring to AUB from other universities?

A transfer student (from outside AUB) must have obtained a minimum grade of B to transfer a technical, math, or science course, and a minimum grade of C to transfer any other type of course.

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