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Petitions and Course Load
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How do I submit a petition and what are the different types of petitions?

You can submit an online petition through the following link. There are different types of petitions depending on your request as shown in the table below. You should also refer to relevant forms related to academic issues.

Petition Type Petition Name Level Description

01. Change of Major
​SFEA Undergraduate - Change of Major within Department

​For program changes between the ECE and CCE within ECE department and for Civil and Construction Engineering within the CEE department
SFEA Undergraduate - Intra Faculty Transfer
​UG​Between different departments at SFEA
​02. Co/Pre-requisites SFEA Undergraduate - Co/Pre Requisites
​UG To waive the pre or co-requisite requirement for registering a course

03. Correction of Record

SFEA Undergraduate - Add Course​UG​After the drop and add period and for a very short period of time in the beginning of the term a student can submit this petition
​SFEA Undergraduate - Cancel Semester​UG​Due to a medical situation where a student needs to delete his/her registration for the current term
​SFEA Undergraduate - Delete Course​UG​After the drop and add period and for a very short period of time, a student can submit this petition
​04. Course Equivalence​SFEA Undergraduate - Waiving Requirement of a Course by Another Course​UG​When a student is a transfer student or when the  course is not offered during the term and the student is graduating
​05. Course Management​SFEA Undergraduate - Request to Register for Undergraduate Research (EECE499)​UG​Within the department
​06. Extension of Incomplete
SFEA Undergraduate - Extension of Incomplete​
​UG​If a student wants to extend the deadline of the incomplete grades beyond the end of the fourth week of the beginning of the next regular term

​​​​07. General Petition​

​SFEA Undergraduate - Extension of the Evaluation Period ​UG ​When a student goes into strict probation
SFEA Undergraduate - Exceptions Related to GE Requirements
SFEA Undergraduate - Other
When a student needs to waive a GE requirement by another course
SFEA Undergraduate - Postponement of Graduation
When a student is doing a minor and he/she finished his/her degree requirement
SFEA Undergraduate - Asking for a Second Chance to Clear Probation

Petition Type Petition Name Level Description

08. Internship

SFEA Undergraduate - Doing Self-Internship


SFEA Undergraduate - Missing a Deadline


SFEA Undergraduate - Taking a Course with the Internship


9. Overload /Underload


SFEA Undergraduate - Overload > 13 Credits Probation

When a student is on strict probation and needs to register more than 13 cr.

which is the maximum number allowable in that situation

​SFEA Undergraduate - Overload ≥ 18 Credits
​When a student needs to register for 18 or more credits

When a student needs to register for 18 or more credits

SFEA Undergraduate - Underload < 12 Credits


When a student has medical issues that prevent him/her from being a full-time student

​SFEA Undergraduate - Underload < 12 Credits for Graduating
When a student is left with less than 12 credits to graduate

10. Repeat A Course(1) More than Three Times

SFEA Undergraduate - Repeat a Course More than Three Times


When a student has registered for the course three times and he/she either withdrew or failed it, and he/she needs to register this course for the fourth and last time

Petition Type
Petition Name

11. Replacing a Failing Course

​SFEA Undergraduate - Replacing a Failing Major Course with Another Course UG
When a student repeatedly fails a course that is required for graduation, he/she may petition to waive the requirement of this course and replace it with another 
SFEA Undergraduate - Replacing a Failing Non-Major Course with Another Course
​12. Make-Up for the Final Exam

​SFEA Undergraduate - Make-up for the Final Exam

When a student fails to sit for a final exam due to a medical reason, he/she needs to submit this petition within 48 hours of the date of the final exam in order to be allowed to do a make-up exam(2)​
13. Incomplete 

​SFEA Undergraduate – Getting an Incomplete on a Course

If a course instructor gives a student an incomplete "I" grade for a course, the student must petition online and submit a valid reason for missing the work to the SFEA Undergraduate Curriculum and Student Academic Affairs Committee, within two weeks of the date of the scheduled final exam in order to obtain permission tocomplete the

14. Study Abroad

​SFEA Undergraduate - Study Abroad
For ECE and CCE students 

15. Withdrawal

​SFEA Undergraduate - Drop Course
​Beyond deadline(4)
SFEA Undergraduate - Drop Semester

Due to a medical situation where a student needs to withdraw from the term 


(1) When a course is repeated, the highest grade is considered in the calculation of the cumulative average. All course grades remain on a student's permanent record.

(2) Retaking a final exam that was already taken by the student is not allowed at SFEA; only make-ups for missed exams are permitted.

(3) Incomplete coursework is reported as "I". Normally, "I" is followed by a numerical grade reflecting the evaluation of the student available at the end of the term. This evaluation is based on a grade of zero on all missed work and is reported in units of five. An "I" grade that is not followed by a numerical grade is equivalent to an "I40". If the student petition is approved, coursework must be completed within one month of the start of the Fall 2017 semester. In exceptional circumstances, the Committee may decide to give the student additional time to complete a course. A student who receives incomplete grades will not be permitted to register for more than 16 credits. After completion of the missing work, a Change of Grade form is submitted by the course instructor with the petition reference number, to change the "I" grade to the final course grade. If a petition is not submitted within the two weeks, the petition is rejected, or the work is not completed within the period specified, the "I" is automatically dropped and the numerical grade becomes the final course grade.

(4) Students are advised to withdraw from courses only within the designated deadlines set by the Registrar's Office. If a student does not receive a grade before the withdraw deadline, he/she may petition to be allowed to withdraw from the course after the deadline. ​

Course Load

Course Load
What is the maximum overload allowed and the conditions for approval?

For an overload of up to 18 and 19 credits, only the approval of the department is required (adviser and chairperson). However, students in their first year are not encouraged to carry any overload. The same is true for transfer students in their first term in the Faculty.

For an overload of 20 credits, you will need the approval of both the department and the SFEA Academic Committee. You are only permitted to register for 20 credits during one term of your final year before graduation.​
You are not allowed to register for 21 credits or more at SFEA during a regular semester, or for 10 credits or more during a summer session.

What is the minimum course load allowed?

To be considered full-time, you must carry a minimum load of 12 credits per semester. If as a full-time student you wish, or are forced, to reduce your load to fewer than 12 credits, you will need to submit a petition. ​

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