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Penrose Award

In 1955 Mrs. Stephen Penrose initiated the Penrose Award in honor of her late husband, President Penrose.

  • Description

    This award is made on the basis of the best combination of scholarship, character, leadership and contribution to the University as a whole. The award consists of engraving the recipient's name on a plaque which is kept on display in the Jafet Library

  • Nomination and Selection Procedures

    Each member of the faculty is entitled to nominate one student. The nominee for the Penrose Award must have attained a cumulative average of not less than 80 based on terms VI, VII, VIII, and X for Engineering students, and terms VIII, X, XI, and XIII for Architecture students and have not repeated any of the above-mentioned terms.
    Upon receiving the nominations made by the individual faculty members, the Students Affairs Committee will study and appraise each nominee, and will then prepare a selected list of three names, or a list of all nominated if less than three, for presentation to the faculty for final action.
    A faculty meeting will be called and the list mentioned in '2' above will be distributed. Final voting and selection, by the "Voting Faculty" will be made at this meeting. The name of the nominee who obtains a simple majority of the votes will be transmitted to the Board of Academic Deans for final approval. The above actions of the faculty will be final and will not be subject to any subsequent considerations.

    List of students who won this award since 1955.
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