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Faysal H. El Kak, MD, MS


Department of Health Promotion and Community Health

Academic Degrees
MD (1990) - American University of Beirut, Lebanon
MS (1985) - American University of Beirut, Lebanon

Research Interests
- Reproductive and Sexual Health, HPV, Health utilization
- Maternal Health

Research Projects
- Child Birth
- Maternal Health
- Youth Sexual and Reproductive Health
- Utilization of primary prevention services

Courses Taught
- HPCH 201: Health Awareness and Behavior
- HPCH 202: Sexuality and Public Health
- Med I and IV: SPM

Selected Publications
El-Kak F.H
(2013). Sexuality and Sexual Health: Constructs and Expressions in the Extended Middle east and North Africa. Vaccine 31S, G45-G50.

Ghandour L, El-Kak F & Yasmin R (2013). Dynamics of Sexual Debut while using Alcohol and / or Drugs: Understanding Youth Sexual values, perceptions, and subsequent sexual practices. Journal of Sexual Research (Submitted)

Ghandour L, Yasmin R & El-Kak F (2013). Legally Covered but Ethically Bare: Do Research Participants Read Consent Forms, and does that Influence their Response Quality? Journal of Empirical Research on Human Research Ethics, Vol. 8, No. 3.

Mansour N, El-Kak F.H & Chatty D (2013). They aren't all first cousins: Bedouin marriage and health policies in Lebanon. The journal of Ethnicity and Health (In press)

El-Kak F.H, Ghandour L & Yasmin R (2013). Attitudes and practices of Obstetricians Gynecologists in relation to HPV vaccines. (In progress)

Ramia S, Kobeissi L, El-Kak F.H & Zurayk H (2012). Prevalence of RTIs / STIs among married women in impoverished neighborhood, Beirut, Lebanon, J Infect Dev Ctries. Volume 6(9):680-3

Kobeissi L, Araya R, El-Kak F.H, Ghantous Z, Khawaja M, Mahfoud Z, Khoury B, Peter T, Ramia S & Zurayk H (2012). The Relaxation Exercise and Social Support Trail (RESST): a community-based randomized controlled trail to alleviate medically unexplained vaginal discharge symptoms. BMC Psychiatry. Volume 12(1):195

Kabakian-Khasholian T, El-Kak F.H & Shayboub R (2012). Birthing in the Arab region: translating research into practice. EMHJ, Volume 18, No 1, 94-99

Kobeissi L, El-Kak F.H, Khawaja M & Khoshnod K (20 Dec 2011). HIV / AIDS related knowledge and Socio-economic Status among Lebanese Women, Asia Pac J Public health, published online.

El-Kak F.H (2010). Policy makers and Bedouin health provision. Journal of Migration, Volume 6, Issue 3, 31-35

DeJong J, Akik C, El-Kak F.H, Osman H & El-Jardali F (2010). The safety and quality of childbirth in the context of health systems: mapping material health provision in Lebanon. Midwifery, Volume 26, Issue 5, 549-557

Khawaja M, Kaddour A, Zurayk H, Choueiry N & El-Kak F.H (2009). Symptoms of reproductive tract infections and mental distress among women in low-income urban neighborhoods of Beirut, Lebanon, Journal of Women's Health, 18(10):1701-8

Professional Affiliations
- Immediate past president of the Lebanese Society of OB- GYN (2011 - 2013)
- IOF certified on Osteoporosis diagnosis and treatment (2008)
- Coordinator of Dissemination, Choices and Challenges in Changing Childbirth, AUB (2004 - present)
- Member of the Order of Physicians of Lebanon (1994)
- Coordinator of the NASSS
- President of  OSTOES society
- Member of Women Health group / MENA - RCOG
- Member of Women Health Group / MENA - FIGO
- Member of the Reproductive Health Working Group - AUB
- Member of the "Sexual rights as Bodily rights in the Muslim societies" Network

Doctor Faysal El Kak

Faysal El Kak
Senior Lecturer

Health Promotion and Community Health
Faculty of Health Sciences
American University of Beirut
Van Dyck Building
PO Box 11-0236
Beirut, Lebanon
Office: Room 331

Tel: 961 1 350000
Fax: 961-1-744470
Ext: 4672

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