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AUB Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS)
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Abdul Karim, Ali (ENHL)
Location: Van Dyck/412
Tel. Extension: 4623

Abul-Naja, Maha (MLSP)
Administrative Assistant

Location: Van Dyck/217
Tel. Extension: 4650/1 ​

Adra, May (DO)
Research Assistant/MCF
Location: Van Dyck/232
Tel. Extension: 4614

Ajib, Rola (ENHL)
Lab Supervisor

Location: Van Dyck/404
Tel. Extension: 4620/4626

Alameh, Ghada (SSO) 
Assistant for Student Services (Graduate)

Location: Van Dyck/232
Tel Extension: 4609

Al Tamimi, Mustafa (DO)
RA / Developer 

 Location: Van Dyck/318
Tel. Extension: 4636 

Barbour, Chadi (IT)
IT Field Support Technician
Location: Van Dyck/105D
Tel. Extension: 4611

Bou Hamdan, Mirna
Research Assistant
Location: Van Dyck/324
Tel. Extension: 4697

Dalli, Roua (DO)
Accreditation Officer
Location: Van Dyck/318
Tel. Extension: 4629

El Helou, Nida (DO/ENHL)
Instructor/ Practicum Coordinator and Career Counsellor
Location: Van Dyck/119
Tel. Extension: 4627

El-Kassis, Amal (DO/SSO)
Student Services Officer

Location: Van Dyck/232
Tel. Extension: 4607/8

El Khechen, Suzanne (DO)
Instructor/Assistant to Dean

Location: Van Dyck/234D
Tel. Extension: 4600​

Haddad, Joyce (DO)
Administrative Assistant
Location: Van Dyck/234
Tel. Extension: 4600/1/2 

Hamadeh, Mohammad (DO)

Location: Van Dyck/243
Tel. Extension: 4610

Hijazi, Carol (DO)
Financial Officer
Location: Van Dyck/ 240
Tel. Extension: 4615

Haj Hasan, Maya (DO)
RA / Student Services - Graduate Scholarships
Location: Van Dyck/ 232
Tel. Extension: 4616

Ismail, Mariam (DO)
Location: Van Dyck/236
Tel. Extension: 4606

Ismail, Ruba (CRPH/DO)
Instructor/ Assistant for Academic Affairs

Location: Van Dyck/237
Tel. Extension: 4666

Katul, Mona (DO)
Executive Officer

Location: Van Dyck/238
Tel. Extension: 4600/1

Makki, Maha (DO)
Instructor / Program Officer, MCF
Location: Van Dyck/232
Tel. Extension: 4613/4

Mansour, Hiba (ENHL)
Administrative Assistant

Location: Van Dyck/420
Tel. Extension: 4620/1

Rahal, Zeinab (SSO) 
Assistant for Student Services
Location: Van Dyck/232
Tel. Extension: 4608

Shehab, Asma (EPHD)
Administrative Assistant
Location: Van Dyck/205
Tel. Extension: 4640/1

Saifeddine, Samar (HMPD)
Research Assistant/ Administrative
Location: Van Dyck/136
Tel.Extension: 4680/1

Shafi', Issam (AUB-MC)
Senior Technician

Location: Medical Center/301
Tel. Extension: 5207

Shoucair, Fadia (HPCH)
Administrative Assistant

Location: Van Dyck/301
Tel. Extension: 4660/1

Tauk, Mitra
Instructor / Graduate Administrative Coordinator (DO/SSO)

Location: Van Dyck/232
Tel. Extension: 4609/4687​

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