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News Articles 2011-12


HPCH   AUB-TCRG Joins Forces with the Neighborhood Initiative to Encourage Restaurants and Cafes to Adopt No Smoking Ban


HMP News
FHS and Fikra Partner to Investigate the Recruitment and Retention of Human Resources in Primary Health Care Centers in Qatar and Lebanon

FHS News FHS Award Ceremony, 2011-12

HPCH News AUB-TCRG Joins Forces with the Neighborhood Initiative to Encourage Restaurants and Cafes to Adopt No Smoking Ban

HPCH News Service learning: Combining curricular requirements with service to the community

ENHL News FHS Advocates President Sleiman to put Food Safety and Water Quality Back on the National Agenda


FHS News
Making the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative AUBMC Friendly: Opportunities and Challenges by Dr. Haya Hamade, AUB

FHS News Public Health in the Arab World Book Launch under the Patronage of HE  Prime Minister Najib Mikati

CRPH Seminar One pack for one dollar: the role of tobacco taxation in curbing the smoking epidemic in Lebanon by Professors Nisreen Salti, Jad Chaaban and Rima Nakkash, AUB


OPU offers Advanced Health Management Skills to Iraqi Ministry of Health and the Kurdistan Regional Government

ENHL News Where is Lebanon on Food Safety?

FHS Seminar Network Characteristics, Stigma, Social Support, Status Disclosure, and Health Outcomes among PLHA in Uganda: Baseline Results by Harold D. Green Jr., PhD, RAND Corporation

FHS Seminar National Registry, Research Program and Support Services in Kidney Disease: A Comprehensive Model for Integrated Chronic Disease Management in Lebanon by Hafez ElZein, MD, MS Director, National Kidney Registry


CRPH Seminar Promoting health through the youth asset approach: an example from youth in Oklahoma by Eleni L.Tolma, Associate Professor, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

FHS Seminar Interdisciplinary approach to cancer control: An example of the Stephenson Cancer Center and a case study on prevention of breast cancer among American Indians in Oklahoma by Dr. Eleni L.Tolma, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

CRPH News Lancet-Palestinian Health Alliance Conference A Collaboration between AUB and Birzeit University

FHS Seminar Genotypic Characterization of Staphylococcus aureus Clinical Isolates
Sima Tokajian Assistant Professor of Molecular Microbiology Lebanese American University

FHS Seminar Global Burden of Disease 2010 - Reflections on Lebanon by Professor Ali Mokdad, Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, University of Washington


FHS Seminar Untangling the Influences of Social and Physical Suburban Contexts on War-affected Populations by Professor Jihad Makhoul, Department of Health Promotion and Community Health

FHS Seminar Dementia: The Next Challenge for Global Health by Dr. Martin  Price, Professor of Epidemiological Psychiatry, Institute of Psychiatry, London 

CRPH News CRPH launches Lebanon’s first national survey on prevalence of dementia in collaboration with the Danish Embassy


FHS News Public Health in the Arab World set for publication in March 2012

FHS News Samer Jabbour interviewed by the WHO Bulletin in article entitled 'Arab health professionals hold key to future'

FHS Seminar Education in Lebanon: Inequities in Access and Success by Dr. Kamal Abou Chedid, Associate Professor, Notre Dame University

CRPH Seminar Restoring dignity: The raison d’être of the youth movements in the Arab citizen revolt? by Professor Rima Afifi, HPCH, FHS


FHS News AUB-TCRG meets with Lebanese President Michel Sleiman

FHS News HIV/AIDS & Migration: Understanding Screening Policies Towards Expatriates in GCC Countries.  Lecture and open discussion with Nasser Yassin and Saja Michael

FHS News Professor Huda Zurayk Honored by the Lebanese Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology

HPCH News 
HPCH Introduces new course on Sexuality and Public Health


FHS Seminar Control of Hospital Acquired Infections: New Advances in Early Detection and Prevention, by Dr. Naji Aoun, USJ School of Medicine

HMPD & OPU  HMPD & OPU Collaborate with WHO-Iraq to Offer Series of Modules to the Iraqi Ministry of Health
CRPH Seminar
Testing for HIV: Global debates and new evidence from a multi-site study by Dr. Carla Makhlouf Obermeyer

FHS Seminar Markers and Mechanisms of Renal and Vascular Disease in Diabetes by Dr. Ayad Jaffa

FHS Seminar Tools for setting a country research policy: the national research for health system mapping by Francisco Becerra and Overview of COHRED’s work in the Arab region: the bibliometric project as a tool for research-for-health development by
Hassen Ghannem


HMPD News Professor Mohamad Alameddine at the Department of Health Management and Policy selected as the winner of the 2011 University of Toronto Health Management and Policy Graduate Award for excellence in health policy and research

CRPH News The CRPH holds three public poster sessions to present the preliminary results of the Ras Beirut Well Being Study

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