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About Zawtar el Charkieh

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  • About Zawtar el Charkieh

View of Zawtar El-Charkieh

ZeC mayor, community members and field coordinator
Zawtar el Charkieh


Zawtar El-Charkieh (ZeC) is a beautiful town that spreads over a hill to the north of and overlooking the Litani River in the province of Nabatiyeh in South Lebanon (85 km from Beirut; 9 km from Nabatiyeh). Its population exceeds 4,000 most of who depend on tobacco farming as their main or supplementary source of income. The town has one intermediate public school, one nursery, and one partially functioning health center affiliated with the Ministry of Social Affairs.

Why Zawtar el Charkieh?
  • The town is in South Lebanon, relatively poor and in need of support in more than one aspect.
  • Although it is in the South, ZeC is located in a less militarized zone and therefore relatively safer than other towns.
  • Its mayor, Mr. Riad Ismail, expressed his willingness to entertain the potential for collaboration with FHS and is very supportive of voluntary activities within the town.
  • The community is recognized for its wealth of human resources and experience in social development work for more than 40 years.
  • The proposed project builds on the activities led by the International Management Training Institute (IMTI), a nonprofit civil company affiliated with the YMCA of Lebanon.
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