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Faculty of Medicine (FM)
Dean's Team
  • Mohamed H. Sayegh, Executive Vice President for Medicine and Global Strategy and the Raja N. Khuri Dean of the Faculty of Medicine
  • Ziyad Ghazzal, Deputy Vice President / Dean and Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs
  • Kamal Badr, Associate Dean for Medical Education
  • Ali Bazarbachi, Associate Dean for Basic Research
  • Fadi Bitar, Associate Dean for External Medical Affairs
  • Ghassan Hamadeh, Associate Dean for Ambulatory Care, Information Systems, and Continuing Medical Education (CME)
  • Ghazi Zaatari, Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs
  • Ayad Jaffa, Assistant Dean for Intramural Programs
  • Ramzi Sabra, Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Medical Education
  • George Abi Saad, Director of CME
  • Nicolas Batley, Director of Emergency Services and IT Medical Subject Expert and Training Coordinator
  • Habib Dakik, Director of Clinical Research Center
  • Huda Abu-Saad Huijer, Director of Hariri School of Nursing
  • Ahmad Husari, Director of Faculty Affairs
  • Dr. Samia Khoury, Director of the Abu Haidar Neuroscience Institute
  • Zeina Kanafani, Director of Medical Student Affairs
  • Ismail Khalil, Director of Faculty Affairs
  • Abdul Ghani Kibbi, Director of Faculty Affairs
  • Basim Saab, Director of External Medical Affairs
  • Maher Soubra, Director of Clinical and Patient Affairs, Director of Private Clinics
  • Salah Zeineddine, Director of Post-graduate Medical Education
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