MRVP Orientation

Medical Research Volunteer Program

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Medical Research Volunteer Program (MRVP) is a program that targets undergraduate students interested in becoming involved in the field of medical research early on in their academic career. It provides these students with an active experience and the opportunity to learn from and support physicians, clinical researchers, basic science researchers and other health professionals. Through this program, students are assigned to researchers and become part of a research team where they observe and aid on a volunteer basis. For many students, the MRVP will provide their first exposure to the field of research. As students help in the various tasks assigned to them, they will see first-hand the extensive work that goes into scientific research.

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Contact Information

Dr. Hani Tamim
Associate Professor
Department of Internal Medicine
MRVP Director

Dr. Bilal Kaafarani​
Department of Chemistry
MRVP Director

Mrs. Lara Al Hakim
MRVP Coordinator
Clinical Research Institute​

Mr. Abdullatif Daouk
MRVP Portal Manager