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Medical Research at FM, AUB
Research Committee

​​​​The Research Committee (RC) reviews all research that requests funding from University sources as well as other proposals submitted to it by the Institutional Review Board (IRB)/Animal Care Committee (ACC). The RC has developed a review process based upon the peer review system and recruits for this purposes the services of all members of the Faculty of Medicine as well as members of other faculties and occasionally from outside the University (local and foreign).

Committee Members

  1. Chairperson
    Dr. Samia Khoury (Representing the Dean)
  1. Co-Chairs
    Dr. Ali ​​Bazarbachi (Associate Dean Basic Research)
    Dr. Elie Akl (Director Clinical Research Institute)​
  1. URB Representative
    Dr. Raya Saab
  1. Basic Research Members
    Dr. Julnar Usta (Appointed)
    Dr. Ahmad Fawzi El-Yazbi​​ (Appointed)
    Dr. Nada Lawand (Appointed) 
    Dr. Assaad Eid​ (Elected, term 2019)
    Dr. Nadine Darwiche​ (Elected, term 2019)
  1. Clinical Research Members
    Dr. Albert El Hajj (Elected, term 2019)
    ​Dr. Deborah Mukherji (Elected, term 2019)
    Dr. Marwan Refaat (Elected, term 2019)
    Dr. Mona Nabulsi (Appointed)
    Dr. Souha Fares ​(Appointed)

Read the Research Committe Bylaws.

Read the Procedures of Handling Research Proposals.




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