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Human Resources Department (Campus)
Criteria and Description

Award Description

  • A medal with the awardees' name engraved.
  • A plaque with the awardees' name engraved and located on the western wall of College Hall breezeway.
  • Recognition of the awardees' achievements in a ceremony publicized on the AUB web and publications.
  • Cash prize amounting to $2000 per awardee.

 Award Criteria

  • "Customer" satisfaction over a significant period of time (>=3 years).
  • "Customer" satisfaction over different aspects of the job.
  • "Customer" support beyond the call of duty.
  • Number of official nominations received should be three and above.
  • Creativity leading to increased "Customer" satisfaction ( e.g. process improvement).
  • Explicit and Specific positive feedback from "Customers"
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