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  • The Issam Fares Institute has recently partnered with Refugees Deeply to highlight our studies on the current legal status of Syrian refugees in Lebanon, and a critical assessment of UN cash assistance for Syrian refugees. This is based on the research of the Institute’s affiliated scholars Maja Yanmyr and Daniel Masterson, respectively.

  • Affiliated Scholar Maja Janmyr’s latest article published in the Third World Quarter: Human rights and Nubian mobilisation in Egypt: towards recognition of indigeneity

  • New joint-study on entrepreneurship opportunities for women refugees
    We are pleased to announce that the Issam Fares Institute has received a three-year research grant to initiate a joint research partnership. The project will focus on how to use grassroots micro-entrepreneurship as a sustainable means for poverty alleviation among women refugees. This research project is funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) and UK’s Department for International Development. Read more

    Social Justice in the Arab World since 2010: Changing conditions, mobilizations, and policies Submission Deadline: July 31, 2016
    English ||| عربي

  • Rami G Khouri Senior Public Policy Fellow at Issam Fares Institute writes a column for Al Jazeera English on A defeated sanctions vote in the US should worry Israel.

  • The Issam Fares Institute organized a two-day First Draft Evaluation Workshop for the Labor Movements and the Quest for Social Justice in the Arab World research initiative, in partnership with the Asfari Institute for Civil Society & Citizenship. Read more

  • Workshop Summary: In a joint collaboration, the Issam Fares Institute and the Knowledge to Policy (K2P) Center at AUB conducted a two-day workshop to promote evidence-informed policy-making and knowledge translation among Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) working on non-communicable diseases in Lebanon. Read more

  • The Economist interviewed our Director of Research, Nasser Yassin, on the Syrian refugees in Lebanon. 'Caught by geography - Syria's neighbours bear a heavy burden'

  • Ali Ahmad, Issam Fares Institute Affiliated Scholar, recently co-published an article entitled: “Wishful thinking and real problems: Small modular reactors, planning constraints and nuclear power in Jordan”, in the peer-reviewed journal Energy Policy. Read more (limited access only)

  • 'Lebanon’s surprising feat on refugees'
    Dr. Nasser Yassin, Issam Fares Institute’s Director of Research, writes for The Daily Star on the lessons from Lebanon concerning Syrian refugees.

  • Dr. Tarek Mitri recently gave a keynote lecture entitled ‘Five Years on the Arduous Road’ at the joint Princeton-Issam Fares Institute conference that took place on 4 & 5 March 2016.

  • Issam Fares Institute Affiliated Scholar Maja Janmyr published an article entitled "Nubians in Contemporary Egypt: Mobilizing Return to Ancestral Lands" in the peer-reviewed journal Middle East Critique.

  • مدير معهد عصام فارس للسياسات العامة والشؤون الدولية الدكتور طارق متري يتحدّث في مقابلة مع الجزيرة نت عن تطور الحوار السياسي في ليبيا والتحديات التي تواجه حكومة الوفاق الوطني

  • Summary of a Roundtable Discussion on Palestinian Refugees from Syria Living in Lebanon, held at the Grand Serail with Lebanese-Palestinian Dialogue Committee.

  • Interview with Dr. Nasser Yassin on Sky News Arabia

  • Iran and multinational enrichment in the Middle East, an article by Dr. Ali Ahmad, Issam Fares Institute Affiliated Scholar

  • «عم تشتي الدنيا مش أكثر»
    هكذا يعلّق مدير أبحاث تغير المناخ والبيئة في معهد عصام فارس في الجامعة الأميركية في بيروت نديم فرج الله

  • Archiving Palestine: Building a Digital Platform for Oral History - A STATUS/الوضع Conversation with Hana Sleiman

  • AUB’s Issam Fares Institute Role in Finalizing the Land Mark Agreement in the Climate Change Negotiations Paris, 12-12-2015
    Read more

  • Dr. Hana El Ghali, Issam Fares Institute Senior Program Coordinator, commenting on the improvement of university governance in the matter of accountability and autonomy, and its effect in improving the Lebanese institutional research productivity at a conference on “Governance in Tertiary Education Institutions in Lebanon. Read more in Arabic

  • عقد برنامج السياسات التربوية والشبابية في العالم العربي، وبالشراكة مع "منتدى الشباب حول السياسات الشبابية" و بالتعاون مع جمعية" مسار"، اجتماعاً مغلقاً لأعضاء المنتدى وذلك لمناقشة عملية صنع السياسات العامة في لبنان من خلال السياسات الشبابية


August 8 - 12, 2016 | 9am - 5pm
Issam Fares Institute Building

5-day Intensive Learning Course
Middle East and Adjoining Countries School on Internet Governance (MEAC-SIG)

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