Issam Fares Institute
IFI Mission 
Mission Statement

The AUB Policy Institute (Issam Fares Institute for Public Policy and International Affairs) is an independent, research-based, policy-oriented institute. Inaugurated in 2006, the institute aims to harness, develop, and initiate policy-relevant research in the Arab region. The institute is committed to expanding and deepening knowledge production in and about the Arab region; and to creating a space for the interdisciplinary exchange of ideas among researchers, civil society actors and policy-makers.

Our goals:
  • Enhancing and broadening public policy-related debate and knowledge production in the Arab world and beyond;
  • Better understanding the Arab world within shifting international and global contexts;
  • Providing a space to enrich the quality of interaction among scholars, officials and civil society actors in and about the Arab world;
  • Disseminating knowledge that is accessible to policy-makers, media, research communities and the general public.
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