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The Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) at AUB is responsible to safeguard the rights and welfare of human subjects participating in Biomedical and Social and Behavioral Sciences (SBS) research activities conducted under the auspices of AUB/AUBMC. It is committed to protect, ensure respect and foster awareness for those rights. This is achieved by governing and authorizing the conduct of research that follows the three ethical principles of the Belmont Report namely: Respect for Persons; Beneficence and Justice; and that abides by the principles of responsible research conduct and scientific integrity.

The IRB, that is the core component of HRPP, is the committee formally designated by HRPP to review and approve the conduct of research involving human subjects who are recruited to participate in research activities conducted at AUB/AUBMC and/or by AUB/AUBMC faculty, students and staff, regardless of the funding source or the location of the research.

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Update on the IRB Schedule of Fees for Industry-Sponsored Protocols

 A revised electronic version of the Research Enrollment Form has been released (Click for Details and link)  

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