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      Issue #1, April 2017

      Today's Bundle:
      • What's New by IT @ AUB?
        Take your Files on Board 
        IT New Service Catalogue
        Student Photo Upload
        Tuition Calculator 
        and more..
      • What's Up Out There? 
        AUB leading the charge for LERN
        US & U.K. ban for Laptops on Flights
        Tech Trends 2017
        Federated Identity 101
      • What About Security? 
        The Power of data
      • Events 
        Digital Humanities
        RIPE NCC Academic Initiative​
        Ellucian Live 2017




      •  May 17,2017 - AUB Tuition Calculator The AUB Tuition Calculator is designed to help prospective students better plan for their educational costs. The Calculator takes into consideration the tuition rates that vary between different Faculties/Schools and student level. Additional living expenses during the study period are also incorporated.                                                
      • February 6, 2017 - AUB IT is pleased to announce the publishing of its Service Catalog. This provides the community
         with a comprehensive new way to
         access information about the services
         IT provides to students, faculty, staff,
         and the community at large.
        The catalog answers a frequently asked question - “What services do you offer
        as IT?”. That’s of course the tip of the iceberg: like a restaurant menu, it lists
        what could be served but doesn’t
        explain how the kitchen makes it
        IT provides a broad array of services
        and products used University-wide.
        The Service Catalog has been designed
         to define and categorize our service offerings to enh​ance your understanding
         of what IT can provide. Our purpose is
         to clearly and consistently describe the services and make it easy to identify
        which IT services will better support
        you in reaching your goal.
        This first big step will be followed by
         the implementation of a full-fledged
         self-service portal where you would be
         able to submit requests specific to each
         of these services
      • January 25, 2017 - Photo Upload Service: IT Department, in close collaboration with the Auxiliary and
        the Admissions offices, has launched a
         new service where new students will be able to upload their photos rather than queueing in front of the ID center to take their photos. The uploaded photos will be automatically scanned to check for
        required standards before it is approved
         to be uploaded
      • January 19, 2017 - EUMEDCONNECT3 project extension and Lebanon
        capacity upgrade
      • ​​For more​​​​ click here.​.



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