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Academic Core Processes & Systems (ACPS)
Frequently Asked Questions - Online Quizzes

We hope you find answers to your questions here. If your question is still unanswerd please click on the blue icon below to Ask Us!

Ask Us!

Who has access to my question database?

Is my quiz safe? Can I restrict the quiz to a certain computer lab on AUB campus?

Can I make an "open book" quiz off-campus?

What are the types of questions that I can use in an online quiz?

Does Moodle automatically correct all types of questions?

Can I have a quiz with different versions?

Can the quiz select random questions from a certain pool?

Can I make the quiz available to students for a certain interval of date and time?

Can students attempt the quiz more than once?

Can I hide the quiz grade from the student view?

In addition to the grades what can I show to my students?

How can I create my questions in Moodle?

I have readymade questions that came with the book I am teaching; can I import them to Moodle?

If I have a mistake in one of the questions, can I correct it while the quiz is running?

Can I correct a question after the quiz is closed; what about the grades?

Is there any statistics related to the submissions?

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