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Frequently Asked Questions - Outreach for Instructors

We hope you find answers to your questions here. If you have a question that hasn't been asked before, please click on the blue icon below to Ask Us!

Ask Us!

What is Outreach?

What is the URL for Outreach?

What can be found on the Outreach homepage?

How many different types of accounts are there in Outreach?

How can I create an Outreach account?

How can I create an Outreach course?

How can I add/remove students to my Outreach course?

How can I add/remove another instructor to my Outreach course?

What is guest access and how do I control it?

Can anyone access courses on Outreach?

Can I connect to my Outreach course from off campus?

What can I do if I have trouble accessing Outreach from my own computer?

Why can't my students save PDFs from my Outreach course?

Are there any restrictions on the names and sizes of files that I upload to Outreach?

How do I log out of an Outreach session?

What should I do if I forget my password?

Which Internet browser is the best for running Outreach?

Do I need to install any software plug-in so that I can use Outreach?

Can I upload a Microsoft Office 2007 file (.docx, .xlsx) to Outreach?

Where can I learn how to use Outreach?

Who can I contact to get help on Outreach?

Important things to remember

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