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Academic Core Processes & Systems (ACPS)

The mission of the Multimedia Unit of ACPS is to promote the use of multimedia tools for interactive and innovative teaching and learning at AUB. The Multimedia team offers consultation and support to faculty members seeking to create instructional material for their courses. The unit introduces cutting edge technologies to the AUB community, thus maintaining AUB's leading role in the effective use of multimedia tools in teaching, learning, and research in Lebanon and in the Middle East.

ACPS helps faculty members to create digital content for their courses. This includes recording, editing, and converting audio and video material into digital format. ACPS also helps faculty members to create learning objects, such as animations, simulations and self-running lectures.

Multimedia Services

All work done by the Multimedia Unit will abide by copyright regulations, and all multimedia support must be requested at least 48 hours in advance.

DVD Authoring
  • ACPS now offers a high quality DVD Authoring service to the AUB Community
  • Video and audio editing, interactive menus, laser-engraved DVDs, etc.

Recording Lectures
  • Recording audio and video of lectures, presentations, and other educational activities for online or classroom usage
  • Recording screen activity for lectures, tutorials, etc...

Material Conversion
  • Editing and converting audio and video material from analog into digital format for online or classroom usage
  • Scanning images and texts from magazines, books, or newspapers into pictures or editable documents using OCR (Optical Character Recognition)

Web Conferencing
  • Supplying the technology and support needed for live meetings or presentations over the Internet
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