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Academic Core Processes & Systems (ACPS)
E-portfolio for Faculty

For faculty members, E-portfolios can be used as:
  • An area to demonstrate professional development
    • Published works and presentations
    • Individual development plans
    • Performance reviews
  • Research
    • Peer review and feedback
    • Sharing, distribution
  • Teaching tool
    • Updating course material for electronic delivery
    • Reflective and critical review of learning outcomes within assessment

What Are The Benefits of Using E-Portfolio for Faculty Members:

Educators who develop their own Portfolio will see BENEFITS . . . from the PROCESS
  • They will understand the important aspect of the process fully and see that the process is just as important as the product
  • They will be able to empathize with students as they create, find or request their own evidence
  • They will develop an appreciation for the challenges that are experienced while writing a reflective statement that identifies learning
  • They will have the opportunity to explore more fully who they are and what they know and can do
  • They will assess strengths and interests which allows for exploration of career options
  • They will refresh their skills in documenting lifelong learning experiences
. . . . from the PRODUCT
  • They will have a record of personal learning with documents that prove formal and informal learning
  • They will be able to demonstrate professional growth and show a commitment to continued learning
  • They will have an organized collection of evidence that can be used as a job search tool if needed
  • They will have a tool to showcase skills and knowledge to their employers when seeking a new position or a promotion
  • They will be able to identify strengths and/or weaknesses to help with future professional development decisions
  • They will be able to assess strengths and make more informed decisions on career options
  • They will have clear documentation to assist with Prior Learning Assessment and be able to link learning to learning outcomes
  • They may even have the evidence needed for PLA credits when pursuing continued education

Get Started With Mahara

The following steps will get you on your way to creating your own e-portfolio:
  1. View sample faculty e-portfolios
  2. Read the Mahara FAQ
  3. Log in to Mahara -
  4. Follow the Mahara tutorial
Note: Contact ACPS by email at or by phone at extension 3580 to schedule an e-portfolio session.

To use Mahara with your students:
  1. Define the purpose of the e-portfolio activity in your course
  2. Read the Mahara FAQ
  3. Learn Mahara
  4. Request a Controlled Group
  5. Request a 'Mahara for Students' session by sending an email to

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