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Academic Core Processes & Systems (ACPS)
E-portfolio for Staff

For staff, E-portfolios can be used as:
  • An area to demonstrate professional development
  • A showcase of skills and accomplishments
  • Individual and career development plans
  • Performance reviews
  • A showcase of design capabilities and creativity

What Are The Benefits of Using E-Portfolio for Staff:

Staff who develop their own Portfolio will see BENEFITS . . . from the PROCESS
  • Staff will have the opportunity to explore more fully who they are and what they know and can do
  • They will refresh their skills in documenting lifelong learning experiences. This allows them to bring all of their learning to their daily job challenges
  • They will assess their strengths and interests which will assist them in seeking new opportunities within the company that they are suited for. This allows a company to retain the most talented staff members
  • A Portfolio initiative would create a “buzz” of interest and excitement resulting in increased staff morale
. . . . from the PRODUCT
  • Staff will have a record of personal learning with documents that prove formal and informal learning. This results in a definite boost of confidence
  • A staff with increased confidence will be a more productive staff
  • Staff will be able to demonstrate professional growth and show a commitment to continued learning. They will have evidence for a requested transfer or promotion
  • Staff will be able to “showcase” their best work and share examples easily and comfortably with each other. A community of sharing ideas and best practices will be developed within the company
  • Human Resource specialists will have an effective tool to match employees to job position. They will be able to identify strengths and/or weaknesses to help the staff with future professional development decisions

Get Started With Mahara

The following steps will get you on your way to creating your own e-portfolio:
  1. View sample staff e-portfolios
  2. Read the Mahara FAQ
  3. Log in to Mahara -
  4. Follow the Mahara tutorial
Note: Contact ACPS by email at or by phone at extension 3580 for Mahara support.

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