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Academic Core Processes & Systems (ACPS)
Faculty Support
Faculty Support at ACPS gives the opportunity for AUB faculty members to effectively use technology in their teaching. The ACPS team offers workshops on a semester basis on the use of the LMS (Moodle), Effective Teaching with Technology, Blended Learning and much more. In addition to the workshops, we offer custom sessions and consultation to all faculty members who want to enrich their courses and enhance their research through the use of technology.

General Information

ACPS Faculty Support

  • Is available at no charge to all AUB faculty members
  • Is offered to  individuals or to groups
  • Includes demonstrations and hands-on practice
  • Is supported by handouts, tutorials and online resources
  • Is designed to be interactive and collaborative

Types of Faculty Support

There are 3 types of support on E-learning applications and instructional technologies:

  • Custom Sessions for individuals and groups of faculty members
  • Scheduled Workshops on Moodle and other topics


 Effective Teaching with Technology  Blended Course Redesign
 E-Portfolio Other


The ACPS Instructional Designers offer consultation services to all faculty members on Face-to-Face, Web-Enhanced, Blended and Online instructional methods. Consultation happens on a one-on-one basis between a faculty member and an assigned Instructional Designer (ID). Once you have met with an ID, he/she will become your assigned ID. 

Our consultation services include:

  • Web-Enhanced and Blended Course Redesign
    • Designing and/or improving effective Web-Enhanced courses on Moodle
    • Structuring online components of a course based on sound instructional design principles
    • Designing and/or redesigning Blended courses
  • Online Course Development
    • Learning assessment and needs analysis
    • Developping High-level design plan
    • Support integration of technology tools with Moodle courses
    • Support during delivery
    • Maintenance and improvement
  • Learning Object Creation
    • Gathering requirements from faculty members
    • Proposing possible development solutions
    • Defining workflow
    • Testing and implementation
  • Course Evaluation
    • Course structure and online activity design
    • Course assessment with rubrics following instructional design principles
    • Student feedback
  • Course Enrichment
    • Innovative advice on the use of multimedia tools
    • Creative delivery methods
    • Suggestions to enrich student experience

Once you are ready to request a consultation session, send an email to An email will be sent back to you confirming the date, time and location of your consultation. If you have not received a confirmation email within 24 hours, please call us at extension 3580. If you cannot attend a consultation session that you requested, please inform us by phone (3580) or by email at

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