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Academic Core Processes & Systems (ACPS)

One can choose to complete the training session online instead of attending the actual training.

Steps to complete a course

There are two formats for each course.

You can either have full access to all its content for your reference, or go through a self-run training (complete one module at a time, and participate in the assessments).

The first thing you need to complete in the course is a pre-assessment quiz.

If you get a grade of 80/100 and above, the course content will be revealed, and the resources will be a reference for you.

If you get a grade below 80/100, you will get the chance to go step-by-step through the course. Each module will have to be completed before having access to the next one.

Each module contains a short quiz to test yourself after going through the available links. If the short quizzes are completed with an average of 80 and above, a note that you completed the course successfully will appear at the end.

If for any reason you wanted to change the format of the course, you can contact us at

Training and Enrollment

All the below courses are on self-enrollment basis. Once you enroll, you have 60 days to complete the course. After this period, you will be automatically unenrolled.

To enroll, do the following:

  • Click on the Enroll corresponding to the desired course, from the table below.
  • Login using your AUB credentials.
  • The enrollment page will open. In the enrollment Key box, enter the key provided in the table below. Once entered, click on Enroll me.
  • The course will now open.

Note: If you wish to regain access, please contact Ms. Rayane Fayed:




Enrollment Key

Microsoft Word 2010

Word Processing  Enroll training

Microsoft Excel 2010

Organizing and analyzing data in spreadsheets  Enroll training

Microsoft Access 2010

Storing sets of information  Enroll training

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

Presentations program, uses graphical approaches to deliver certain topics  Enroll training

Microsoft Outlook 2010

Email application for managing emails, contacts and meetings  Enroll training

Microsoft Publisher 2010

Designing brochures, fliers, posters, cards, invitations, and more  Enroll training

Microsoft Project 2010

Projects management program  Enroll training

Microsoft SharePoint

Creating and managing custom team-focused and project-focused sites for collaboration  Enroll training


Learning Management System  Enroll training


Online free and open source survey tool  Enroll training

TurningPoint (Clickers)

Polling in PowerPoint/Used in calssrooms  Enroll training
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