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Steps to activate your AUBlive@edu account?
    • Step 1 - Change your AUBnet password
      1- From any browser go to
      2- Enter the required information and click on submit.
    • Step 2 - Login to your live@edu account
      1- Go to
      2- In the Windows live ID field please enter your windows live email address, which is your AUBnet followed by eg: if your AUBnet user name is xxx00 you will need to enter
      3- In the password field enter your AUBnet password
      4- Click on Sign In
    • Note: Your Password needs to be:
      • Between 6 and 16 characters
      • Not contain a space
      • Not contain your user name

    • General Questions:

      Will my current e-mail address change?
      Alumni from all over AUB will have a standard e-mail account, such as

      What will happen when someone sends emails to my
      All e-mails addressed to you as and will be delivered directly to your live@edu mailbox

      What will be my from address?
      All outgoing messages sent from your mailbox will be from:

      What will happen after I change my AUBnet password from the AUB website?
      When you change your AUBnet password a secure process is executed to synchronize your AUBnet password with your live@edu password.

      Where do i login?
      From any browser go to

      Where do i get information on how to configure my e-mail client/Mobile etc..?
      All required information is published at

      Should I notify people I know about my new email address?
      Its better to get use to your new email address and notify your contacts about this change, however all emails sent to your will be delivered to your live@edu mailbox as well.

      What will happen to my already existing email folders?
      All your email folders will be migrated to live@edu including any preset forwarding rule


    • Project Timeline:

Prepared By: Samih Ajrouch

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