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Plagiarism: Information for Faculty

Plagiarism and cheating, instead of being viewed as extra loads for the ever busy faculty members, have been seen by many educators as an opportunity to re-think teaching methods and learning outcomes. One of these educators is G. Van Belle, an English professor, who wrote "How Cheating Helps Drive Better Instruction", in which he offers tips to help deter plagiarized assignments and says:
    "I have found that the perceived increase in student cheating has helped my teaching. Rather than resort to policing my classes for the dishonest, I have taken on the challenge of creating courses that will challenge the honest, hard-working student and will ultimately deter the student with a tendency toward cheating." (Van Belle, 2001)
This section offers faculty members a teaching strategy which, if followed, would help prevent plagiarism. It lets you learn about plagiarism, pinpoint the sources of plagiarism, discover how to identify plagiarism and, finally, prevent plagiarism. In addition to the selected resources on this page, each sub-page includes additional resources related to the topic.

About Plagiarism

Sources of Plagiarism

Identifying Plagiarism

Preventing Plagiarism

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