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Copyright and Fair Use

"The Congress shall have power... To promote the progress of science and useful arts, by securing for limited times to authors and inventors the exclusive right to their respective writings and discoveries...". The Constitution of the United States. Article I. Section 8, paragraph 8.

Rule of Thumb
Do with other people's materials as you would like them to do with yours.

Library Copyright – Digitalslider

The Good News and The (Bad) News

Copyright Myths and Misconceptions

General Copyright Framework


What is Copyright?

  • Copyright is a form of protection given to the authors or creators of "original works of authorship"
    • It covers literary, dramatic, musical, artistic and intellectual work
  • The author of the work alone has the right to do any of the following or to let others do any of the following:
    • Make copies of the work
    • Distribute copies of the work
    • Perform the work publicly (plays, film, dances, or music)
    • Display the work publicly (artwork, stills, or any material used on the Internet or on television)
    • Make modifications, adaptations or other new uses of a work or translate the work to another media
  • The user of the work has the right to do any of the following:
    • Use the work under a license
    • Use the work in any way if it is in the public domain
    • Use the work in any way if it is not copyright protected
    • Use a copyright protected work under the Fair Use Guidelines

Why Should You Care?

  • When you create something, aren't you proud of your work after spending a lot of time and energy creating it?
    • Your work is your creation and you'd probably be pretty upset if someone just copied it without your permission
  • Copyright law gives you a set of rights that prevents other people from copying your work and doing other things with your work that you may not like
  • Copyright reflects our appreciation for all the hard work that goes into creating "original works of authorship" and respect for the right of the creator of that work to control what people can and cannot do with it

What is Fair Use?

Be Cautious


How to Cite Internet Sources

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