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Founded by the Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS) at the American University of Beirut, the K2P Center is one of the three Centers of research, practice, and policy at FHS representing its 360° system-network approach to shaping public health policies in the region

K2P Products 
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Global Health TV interviewed K2P Director, Dr. Fadi El-Jardali, along with Dr. Sara Bennett in their capacity as Health Systems Global board members
VDL hosted K2P Director, Dr. Fadi El Jardali,  to expose the evidence behind irrational drug prescribing in Lebanon
LBCI News interviewed K2P Director, Dr. Fadi El Jardali, on latest findings regarding irrational drug prescribing in Lebanon
TV Interview on Sky News Arabia with K2P Director, Dr. Fadi El Jardali, on how to promote rational drug prescribing in Lebanon and the Region

K2P Press Tracing’s 1st year anniversary encompasses 7215 health-related articles reported in 10 different Lebanese and Arabic newspaper.
Over a period of one year, the selected newspapers shed light on more than 45 different health topics.

K2P Policy Dialogue: Improving the Prescribing Quality and Pattern of Pharmaceutical Drugs in Lebanon






Success Story: K2P Center Impacts Policy Yet Again 




Annahar, Al Anbaa, L'Orient Le Jour and Lebanon Files covered a ministerial decision regarding iodine which was informed by K2P Center

Knowledge to Policy (K2P) Center 

Watch the president of the Order of Physicians in Lebanon, Dr. Raymond Sayegh, discussing the importance of K2P Policy Dialogue on improving the prescribing quality of pharmaceutical drugs in Lebanon

Watch stakeholders' short interviews after K2P Policy Dialogue on Salt Iodization 





Watch stakeholders' short interviews after K2P Policy Dialogue on medical errors





Check out a short video about the K2P Launch





Watch our short Video K2P in Action


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