Medical Competition
  • Following the Organic Chemistry Competition Model ( that we established at AUB since 2011 and in coordination with AUBMC, we organized “The First Medical Competition: Survival of the Wittiest!" on Sep 27, 2018.

    It was a tightly contested race among 58 teams (2 participants per team) from AUB, LAU, LU, USJ, USEK, BAU, and the University of St. George- Cyprus until the decisive last question in the competition cast the winners...! Attached is the detailed score sheet of the 45 teams (out of 58 teams) that qualified to Round 2 of the competition.

    A Sudden Death Round after Round 2 decided the Fourth prize winners whilst another Sudden Death Round decided the First, Second, and Third prize winners. Here are the names of the winning 4 prizes:

    First Prize: Perla Ibrahim (AUB) & Ali Ahmad (AUB)

    Second Prize: Hussein Hassan (AUB) & Dimitri Maamari (AUB)

    Third Prize: Samer Bou Karroum (AUB) & Hicham Baba (LAU)

    Fourth Prize: Afif Kraitem (AUB) & Ahmad Chmaisse (AUB)


    The questions of the competition were prepared by Dr. Assaad Sweid, Dr. Johnny Aww​ad, Dr. Joseph Khoury, Dr. Lama Charafeddine, Dr. Ramzi Alam, Dr. Rihab Nasr and Dr. Umayya Musharrafieh.

    Dr. Sahar Assaf directed and edited the video questions shown during the competition as well as in the DEMO session (Sep 20th) and the two teaser videos that were uploaded on social media during the summer.​​