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New Faculty Orientation

​This website gives new faculty members who are joining AUB easy access to essential information. It links to places and people at AUB who can help you before your arrival on campus and during the initial stages of your employment. It also provides information about the New Faculty Orientation sessions which are offered twice a year.

Check out the Fall NFO Agenda.​


The Office of the Provost and the New Faculty Orientation program aim  at making new faculty members’ transition to AUB a smooth and  enjoyable experience. To facilitate this integration and engagement, the New Faculty Orientation program aims at::

  • Welcoming new faculty to the AUB community
  • Introducing new faculty to university resources,  contacts, policies and practices
  • Creating a sense of institutional belonging
  • Initiating  the process of faculty socialization across departments
  • Setting the mentoring process in motion
  • Providing a window on living in Beirut and on the Lebanese culture

 Welcome to the American University of Beirut.

Our faculty build AUB’s character and intellectual, creative, artistic, and scholarly depths making it one of the finest universities in the Middle East. At AUB, we strive to provide you with a supportive professional environment that will enable you to focus on excellence in teaching and research. You will join a vibrant and high achieving community of faculty, staff, students, and alumni. We hope you will enjoy AUB’s forward-looking research agenda and unique level of engagement with the region and the world.

The University’s objective of enhancing the quality of teaching and research has led it to rethink the ways in which faculty are supported and evaluated. AUB realizes that the promotion of quality research strengthens not only graduate, but also undergraduate education; attracts superior students at all levels; helps to retain valuable faculty members; encourages faculty to pursue external funding for long-term research programs; contributes to the generation of knowledge; and enables the University to be effective in serving the community. AUB supports faculty by providing them with the environment, resources, services, and incentives needed to carry out these responsibilities. Shared faculty governance in overseeing our academic programs remains a core principle of University operations. The New Faculty Orientation Program is designed to support new faculty members in becoming accustomed to AUB’s institutional culture in particular and to life in Beirut and Lebanon in general.

As new faculty members joining AUB, you have chosen to commit to the demanding academic life at AUB. We hope you will build on your experience and knowledge, to further enrich academic life on campus, and to add new dimensions to the distinctive intellectual and cultural diversity in our community. The University aims to create an academic culture which is hospitable and supportive to you. We look forward to your contributions to our community and to your fields of study.

New Faculty Facilitator
Rima Iskandarani   The Orientation Program for new faculty takes place on campus a few days before the beginning of the semester

(August and January). The program includes an introduction to academic units on campus, an invitation to cultural activities, and basic shopping trips to department stores in Beirut.
If you have questions about your arrival at AUB or the orientation program that are not addressed here, please  don't hesitate to contact the New Faculty Facilitator, Mrs. Rima Iskandarani, at  

Contacts at the Offices of the Deans:

As a new member of the faculty, your primary contact for all issues will be with the office of the dean of your faculty. Please refer to the list of contact persons.

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