New Faculty Orientation
Pre-Arrival Checklist 

New Faculty Pre-Arrival Checklist
As you are preparing to move to Beirut, please make sure you go through this condensed pre-arrival checklist, complete the outlined items, bring the documents listed below, and keep the following tips in mind:


Activating AUBNet Account Photo ID for Spouse and/or Children
Airport Pickup and Hotel Reservation Policies and Procedures

Campus Tours

Documents to Bring with You

Pre Employment Medical Clearance

Reimbursement for Medical Bills

Education for Children and Nurseries Baggage Allowance
Housing Shipping and Airfreight
Money Travel Policies and Procedures for New Faculty
Outfitting Allowance

Activating AUBNet Account

Make sure you activate your AUB net account by clicking on this link. The ID required for activation can be found on the covering letter of the Director of Human Resources sent to you along with your letter of appointment. If you face any problems, please contact ; alternatively, you can visit this website


Airport Pick Up and Hotel Reservation

As soon as you have confirmed your reservations, please send the New Faculty Facilitator your detailed flight itinerary so that she can make arrangements for airport pick up and for hotel reservations (when applicable). She will also need to know your flight number and time of arrival in Beirut as well as the number of people accompanying you (if applicable), so that she can reserve a suitable taxi. (She needs this info at least one month in advance to make suitable arrangements for all concerned)


Campus Tours

The Visitors' Bureau on campus, located right under the Main Gate, provides individuals with tours of AUB. You can contact them before you arrive to arrange for a personal tour, or instead you can just walk in when you arrive. You can also visit their website.


Documents to Bring with You

Send official credentials or copy of highest degree certified by the concerned university (official transcripts) to AUB. If you were hired prior to completing your degree, you will need to bring your diploma in order to get the work permit. 

It will be more convenient and will expedite the processing of your paperwork if you submit 12  identical passport photos to HR upon arrival.  Bringing extra photos which might be needed will also be helpful. 

You will need to bring along your marriage certificate (when applicable) for the processing of some official papers such as the residence permit and medical insurance for your spouse and children.


Education for Children


Faculty are responsible for enrolling their children in a local school.  AUB will provide you with contact information for schools, so that you may directly get in touch  with the relevant person at each school about your own child/children.

Many faculty children attend two schools, which are both adjacent to the AUB campus.  Both have programs for pre-K through High School and the Lebanese Baccalaureate Program. Both schools may also fill their classes before the end of the summer, so it is advisable to contact them as soon as you begin planning to come to Lebanon.  Make it clear that you are coming newly to AUB. 

  • The International College (IC) offers three program tracks-- Arabic, French, English—culminating in the Lebanese Baccalaureate   Diploma, the International Baccalaureate Diploma, High School Diploma, or French Baccalaureate Diploma.   Their  website contains full information for parents:

    You may contact the administration by e-mail: 



Ms. Ghada Maalouf

Elementary School

Ms.  Julia Kozak

Middle School

Mrs.  Wadad El-Hoss

Secondary School

Mrs. Paula Mufarrij


  • The American Community School (ACS) offers the American high school program, the Lebanese       Baccalaureate program, and the International Baccalaureate program.  Their website contains full information for parents:


     Bright Beginnings , American Community School (ACS)

      67 Nigeria Street, Jal El-Bahr
Tel: +961 (1) 374 370


     Innocent Minds

Salman Building, May Salloum Street (off Bliss Street), Hamra.

Tel: +961 (1) 360 026, (3) 056 976

     Chez Caroline
Sadat Street, Hamra.

Tel: +961 (3) 219 145


      Dent de Lait

Koraytem St. Ras Beirut.

Tel: +961 (1) 791561, (3) 709080


      Lou & Lo

Wardieh Street, Hamra.

Tel: +961 (1) 354640


Early Years

American Community School (ACS)


Clifford Learning Center

Hamra, Cairo Street
Salamoun Bldg, 1st floor
Beirut, Lebanon
M. +961 76 57 57 61


Please note that the Human Resources department has additional information about schooling for children and other important tips about living in Beirut. You can reach Mrs. Hala Bekhazi by dialing Extension 2313.



AUB Housing Department should contact you shortly by e-mail.  If you haven’t heard from them, contact the Director of Housing, Mr. Antoine Chahine, at You can also visit their website for more info  

To see the location of the furnished apartment buildings you are interested in, you can visit



It is good to arrive with a small amount of savings because it takes time to be reimbursed and to receive your first paycheck although you can get an advance on payment from the Human Resources Department. If you are planning on transferring money to Beirut, you need to bring a banker's check. Credit cards are widely accepted in Beirut. Many banks have automatic teller machines (ATM) linked worldwide that can be used by all credit cards holders. Also traveler's checks are widely accepted.


Outfitting Allowance

The letter of appointment to the post of regular full-time professor, associate professor, or assistant professor of an individual whose home at the time of appointment is not in Lebanon may provide for a one time allowance to cover a portion of the miscellaneous costs of establishing a household in Beirut at the beginning of the appointment (outfitting allowance).

For further information, check the following link:   


Photo ID for Spouse and /or Children

Members of the university community, alumni, visitors, campus residents, their dependents, and household help must complete an application for a Campus ID card. (see ). The forms are available at the Office of Campus Protection and the Visitors' Bureau at the Main Gate, the Office of Business Services in the Old Pharmacy Building, the Housing Department in Faculty Building II, the Development Office in College Hall, and in the Human Resources Office and  the ID Center in College Hall.

For further information, please read the section on Obtaining and Revalidating a University ID at:


Policies and Procedures

Please familiarize yourselves with AUB policies in the on-line Handbook for Faculty. Also make sure you save the receipts for any costs you incur for reimbursable items. For more information, check the policies in the AUB on-line handbook.


Pre Employment Medical Clearance

Please make sure to take all the required medical exams before arriving to AUB. Visit this link for more info:

Reimbursement for Medical Bills

Check with your physician to complete the medical examination form. Note that you need to save your original receipts as these will be reimbursed for the amount indicated (usually up to $300).

For further information, check the following link:


Baggage Allowance

The baggage allowance for  eligible appointee is equal to $ 1000, for spouse is equal to $ 500, and for each eligible child is equal to $ 300. You can receive it after you arrive. The Dean's Office will initiate the procedure on your behalf. The whole process might take up to six weeks. For further details, please check out the website on Benefits and Reimbursements at

You could also contact the executive officer , Comptroller's Office , extension 2488 for further details regarding reimbursement .


Shipping and Airfreight


Guidelines for Shipping Personal Effects

I- The following are guidelines for New Faculty members who need to make arrangements for shipping their personal belongings when coming to Lebanon.

·         Airfreight shipment is recommended for personal effects and belongings such as clothing, books, tools, kitchenware, etc. which do not exceed 300 kilograms. Otherwise, it is recommended to ship your belongings by sea freight as Less than a Shipment Container Load (LCL). In both cases you should deal with a local forwarding agent that will handle the shipping formalities. The Procurement and Contracts Administration Department may assist you in providing the names of qualified local forwarding agents. You may contact Mr. Richard Fawaz, AUB ext. 2185, or e-mail .


·         Regular parcel postal service or airfreight cargo are recommended if you are considering sending personal books and teaching/academic materials; however, with air freight method you will need to deal with a local forwarding agent in your hometown. When    sending parcels through the postal service, you will have to pay a customs fee at Beirut Liban Post office. Please note that if you do not pick up your packages within the specified timeframe, you will be charged by Liban Post a storage fee.


·         Please note that by Lebanese Law certain items are prohibited. These items include all kinds of firearms, ammunition, drugs, narcotics, and pornographic materials, swords, knives (even the decorative ones).


·         Artifacts are subject to approval from the concerned official governmental departments and liable to customs valuation expertise.


·         Please make sure to use the following address for your shipments:


-          For regular parcel postal service

Faculty Member's Name

Name of Department

American University of Beirut

P.O. BOX 11-0236

Riad El Solh, Beirut 1107 2020



-          For airfreight & sea freight shipments

Faculty Member's Name

Name of Department

American University of Beirut

Bliss Street-Hamra



·         Please make all your shipping arrangement early-on taking into consideration that shipping by sea from North America takes 6-8 weeks door to door. Also make sure that you arrive a couple of weeks before your shipment does; if you are not available to collect your shipment the Lebanese Customs Authorities will charge you storage fees. Check the below link for further information.


II- Following are regulations and documents necessary to clear personal effects shipments:

a)         Lebanese Nationals permanently returning to Lebanon:

For Lebanese nationals residing outside Lebanon for at least 3 consecutive years the following guidelines are suggested:

1. Include a letter of permanent leave, prepared and legalized by the Lebanese embassy.

2. Include a detailed list of all items, prepared and legalized by the Lebanese Embassy. This list must include the number of pieces, contents of each piece and the gross and net weights.

3. You need to be personally present in Beirut when the goods arrive. You will be escorted by the clearing representative to finalize the legal formalities and you should have your original passport in hand with a recent entry date.

4. The imported items must be apparently used. New items will not be exempted from customs. The shipper should provide receipts for all personal effects that may appear to be new. It’s preferable to put the AUDIO CDs, DVDs, and Video tapes in a separate box because those items will be inspected by the general security.

5. You are allowed to ship one piece only of each basic electrical appliances (1 refrigerator, 1 microwaves, etc.) since additional pieces of the same appliance will not be exempted. All electrical devices should be 50 Hz.

6. Consignee must have in Lebanon a valid apartment rental deed. For on-Campus residents the deed can be secured from the Housing Department; as for off-Campus residents the deed must be certified by the local mayor (The Mukhtar).

7. A commitment endorsed undertaking to Lebanese customs must be signed by the     consignee stating that his personal effects being shipped will definitely be used at his        address specified in item #8.

b)         Non-Lebanese Expatriates working in Lebanon

In addition to items #2 to #6 above, a valid work & residency permit is needed to benefit    from personal effects exemption. Kindly note that if the documents are not available at that time your shipment arrive to Beirut you will be required to pay for the Lebanese Customs Authorities a refundable deposit equivalent to the imposed duties.


Customer Support:

·         For further questions and support:

-          Check out the New Faculty Information Handbook.

-          Contact Campus Purchasing - Shipping & Clearing section, Mr. Richard Fawaz who will  assist you in providing the names of qualified local forwarding agents:

AUB ext. 2185



F          For more details on governmental laws and regulations pertaining to customs duties please check the below links:     

Section 9:  Special Status and Treatments                                                        Paragraph D:  Exemption of Customs Duties of used House furniture.           Paragraph E:  Personal Belongings, Household Effects and Items of Non-     Commercial value.             Household & Personal Effects



Travel Policies and Procedures for New Faculty

For new faculty members traveling to Beirut:

AUB will provide one-way airfare at the average yearly economy rate for eligible faculty members hired from abroad, and for those dependents intending to reside in Beirut, and who travel with him or her within a three-month period. This travel allowance will be determined by AUB, and will be fixed for the year of hire as the average economy airfare from the international airport closest to the faculty member’s point of departure, to Beirut. Please note that in some cases a return ticket may be cheaper than a one-way ticket.

There are two options for obtaining tickets:

1. The faculty member will purchase his or her own ticket(s). The amount of the ticket(s), as determined by AUB (see below), will be reimbursed to the faculty member after arrival,. This usually takes place seven working days after the Office of the Comptroller receives the Travel and baggage allowance authorization from the Human Resources department.

2. Faculty members may request that AUB book and purchase the ticket(s). In this case they will be reimbursed for baggage allowance only. If AUB is to obtain the ticket(s), the faculty member must inform the Faculty Dean’s Office of this preference.

NB: New appointees must have a work entry visa before a ticket is purchased, in order to know when to buy the ticket. The work entry visa is obtained by AUB, and will show the period within which the person may enter Lebanon as an employee of AUB. In order that AUB obtain the work entry visa, the appointee must send a colored copy of his or her passport, valid for two years, to the Human Resources Office. When the work entry visa is granted (this may take up to two months), HR will send a copy of it to the faculty member.

HR, or the dean's offices, will inform the new faculty who need work permits and work entry visas, of the earliest date possible for travel to Lebanon. This will depend on the date that AUB secures the permits and visas. Candidates wishing to have AUB buy their tickets must then inform the AUB travel office of their preferred dates of travel within the specified time.

The Travel Office at AUB may be contacted as follows: Email: (Lara Sarkissian) .Telephone: AUB extensions 2370/1/2/5 Fax: 961 1 774-471

It is important that the appointee bring the copy of the work entry visa with him or her for entry to Lebanon, and present it to the visa section at Beirut Airport. It is not recommended that an appointee arrive on a tourist visa. Accompanying family members--those with citizenship from the USA, Canada, or EU countries—may enter on a tourist visa, obtained at the airport, upon arrival. The HR Office should be contacted for visa information regarding all other nationalities.

Upon receipt of the work entry visa, HR will notify the Travel Office of the travel dates. The Travel Office will purchase the ticket and send it electronically to the appointee, or as a PTA ticket (a paper ticket picked up by travelers at their originating airport).

When the new faculty enters Lebanon with the “work entry visa”, HR will begin to process the Lebanese residence permit.  Accordingly, faculty members must not leave the country until they have their residence permit in hand. If they do, all previous paperwork will be cancelled, and the process must be repeated.

The Average Pre-Set Price Per Ticket for ADULTS

Here are some of the average prices per ticket (either one- way or two-way) from miscellaneous destinations (USA, Europe and others) which are pre-set for reimbursing new appointees with. However, please note that prices are under review by the Travel Office, due to the new surcharges being applied as a result of the increase in fuel prices.

United States Approved Average Allowance
Central USA $1,800
East Coast $1,600
West Coast $1,800


Europe Approved Average Allowance
Eastern Europe * $300
Western Europe ** $1,000
Austria( Vienna) $ 900


Others Approved Average Allowance
Amman $192
Sydney $792
Egypt $342
Tokyo( Japan) $1400
Montreal $ 1800
Toronto $1800
Dubai $300
Beijing (China) $700
Tehran         $ 380


* Eastern Europe includes Athens and Istanbul
** Western Europe includes Paris, Rome, Geneva, London, Berlin and Frankfurt


Please note that the price for tickets for a child (under the age of 12) is usually 75% of the adult fare . Moreover , the price for a ticket for an infant ( less than 2 years) is usually 10% of the adult fare.


Extra Baggage Charges


Please note that for economy class tickets, airlines allow each traveler one piece of luggage( maximum of 23 Kilos) not counting the carry on which should not exceed 9 Kilos. For  the  the second bag ( up to 23 Kilos), the airline will charge around $ 75 .Any overweight is subject to an additional surcharge depending on the airline.



Work Entry Visa

Make sure you have sent Human Resources (HR) a copy of your updated CV, a clear colored copy of your passport which should be valid for at least the next two years, and a copy of your highest degree so that HR can process your Work Entry Visa which you should present at the visa section of the Beirut Airport upon your arrival. Processing residence permits usually takes between six to eight weeks. Please note that you and your family members will need residence permits once inside Lebanon. If you have any questions related to your Work Entry Visa and your payroll number, please contact Ms. Maroussia Khoury,Assistant Director of Human Resources (Personnel Services) at



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