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AUB Institutional Self Study - Student Survey

The Student Survey is made up of 9 sections.

I.      Mission of the University  
II.     Integrity  
III.   Governance & Leadership  
IV.   Administrative Services  
V.     Student Admissions, Support Services, and Facilities  
VI.    College Climate/Environment  
VII.  General Education  
VIII. Assessment  
IX.    Background Information  

I. Mission of the University

AUB's Mission Statement

The American University of Beirut (AUB) is an institution of higher learning in Lebanon founded primarily to serve the peoples of the region. Its mission is to promote excellence in education, to participate in the advancement of knowledge through research, and to provide quality service to society. Basing its educational philosophy, standards, and practices on the American model of higher education, the University believes deeply in and encourages freedom of thought and expression and seeks to foster tolerance and respect for diversity and dialogue. It aims to graduate individuals committed to scholarship, critical thinking, life-long learning, civic responsibility, personal integrity, and leadership.

Rate your agreement with the following statements - Strongly Disagree / Disagree / Neutral / Agree / Strongly Agree / Don't Know
1 I am aware of AUB mission statement.  
2 The mission statement is clear and transparent in language and content.  
3 The mission statement reflects the ideals and values upon which the University was founded.  
4 The mission statement is realistic and achievable.  
5 The mission statement is shared with and  properly communicated to AUB community.  
6 The mission statement reflects AUB's role in the region.  
7 AUB has been successful in achieving it.  
8 I participated in the development of the mission statement.  

II. Integrity

Rate your agreement with the following statements - Strongly Disagree / Disagree / Neutral / Agree / Strongly Agree / Don't Know
9 AUB policies and procedures are properly adhered to.  
10 AUB policies and procedures are clear and properly disseminated.  
11 AUB shows impartial practices in admissions.  
12 AUB shows impartial practices in recruitment.  
13 AUB shows impartial practices in promotion.  
14 AUB provides an environment conducive to teaching, learning, and research.  
15 AUB adequately promotes honesty and transparency in its conduct and communications.  
16 Student concerns (regarding fair academic assessment, student conduct, and alleged disciplinary violations) are addressed promptly, appropriately, and fairly.  
17 AUB effectively assures the academic and intellectual freedom of all its  constituencies.  
18 AUB adequately protects its members from harassment, inappropriate pressures and discrimination.  
19 I am aware of a system that allows me to report grievances.  
20 Grievances are dealt with efficiently.  

III. Governance & Leadership

Rate your agreement with the following statements - Strongly Disagree / Disagree / Neutral / Agree / Strongly Agree / Don't Know
21 Students have appropriate opportunities for input into discussions that affect them  
22 I am aware that student representatives are elected  
23 I know what the Student Representative Committee (SRC) is and does  
24 I know what the University Student Faculty Committee ( USFC) is and does  
25 I am consulted through USFC and SRC on matters that affect students and before an administration decision is taken.  
26 I feel that the USFC and SRC carry my voice effectively to the University administration.  
27 I believe that we should find better alternatives for student representation  
28 I believe that students' views have an effect on the administration's decision making  
29 The channels of communication between student bodies and the administration are accessible and free  
30 I participate in the SRC elections held each year.  

IV. Administrative Services

Intranet (Web within AUB)
31 The main purpose for visiting AUB web site  
Very Poor / Poor / Fair / Good / Very Good / Don't Know
32 The content on AUB site /Home page is  
33 The presentation and ease of searching for Information on the AUB site is  
Yes, very beneficial / Yes, beneficial / Yes, not beneficial / No, I do not read / course material on the web
34 Do you access course material on the web, and do you find it beneficial?
How would YOU prioritize University spending on the following from high=1 to low=7 priority - 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7
35 Library  
36 Information Technology (Labs, Intranet, technology-equipped classrooms)  
37 Career and personal counseling  
38 Dormitories/cafeteria  
39 Developing faculty teaching & advising skills  
40 Financial aid  
41 Other, specify    

V. Student Admissions, Support Services, and Facilities

Indicate Level of Satisfaction - Don't use / Very Dissatisfied / Dissatisfied / Neutral / Satisfied / Very Satisfied
42 Availability and clarity of information (School visits, Catalogue, website and brochures)  
43 Availability of desirable programs (majors and minors)  
44 Clarity of admission criteria  
45 General application process  
46 Timeliness of admission decisions  
47 Admissions staff responsiveness  
Financial Aid
48 Availability of information (sources of aid, bank loans, student employment...)  
49 Application process (including interviews)  
50 Award process  
51 Staff responsiveness  
New Student Orientation
52 Length of orientation session  
53 Quality of orientation programs  
54 Helpfulness of orientation staff  
55 Overall effectiveness of orientation  
56 Process  
57 Availability of places in courses  
58 Registrar's staff responsiveness  
Academic Advising
59 Access to advisor  
60 Sufficient time with advisor  
61 Advisor's knowledge of policies and procedures  
62 Responsiveness of advisor  
63 Academic Advising effectiveness  
64 Availability of procedures to submit complaints/grievances.  
65 Transparency and fairness of the process  
Personal Counseling
66 Availability  
67 Quality  
68 Staff responsiveness  
Career Counseling
69 Availability  
70 Quality  
71 Staff responsiveness  
Campus Food
72 Quality and variety of food  
73 Food premises (design, comfort and cleanliness)  
74 Cost  
75 Staff responsiveness  
Health Services
76 Access to services  
77 Quality of services  
78 Staff responsiveness  
Student Housing
79 Availability  
80 Quality  
81 Staff responsiveness  
82 Access (hours of operation)  
83 Collections  
84 Training to use the libraries  
85 Staff responsiveness  
Campus Recreational Facilities and Extra Curricular Activites
86 Athletic facilities (Green Field, Courts, gym room, Beach...)  
87 Athletic events  
88 Arts facilities (Art and music studios, stages and theatres, exhibition spaces)  
89 Arts Performances (Plays, concerts, exhibitions)  
90 Clubs  
91 Social spaces (!)  
92 Availability/access to the above  
Information Technology
93 Access to internet  
94 Access to computer centers, labs and help desks  
95 Available hardware and software  
96 Technology education and training  
97 Course usage of technology  
98 Technology enhancement of classrooms  
99 Classroom facilities (size and equipment/furniture)  
100 Laboratory facilities  
101 Study spaces  
102 Book store  
103 Campus security  
104 Campus grounds  
105 Classroom facilities  
106 Class size  
107 Laboratory facilities  
Athletic Facilities
108 Green field  
109 Track  
110 Tennis courts  
111 Indoor courts  
Arts Facilities
112 theater performances  
113 music performances  
114 practice rooms  
115 Fine arts studios  
116 Exhibition spaces  
117 Club meeting facilities  
118 Outdoor social spaces  
119 Indoor social spaces  
120 Outlook facilities  
121 Women's residences  
122 Men's residences  
123 Cafeterias  
124 Study areas  
125 Campus bookstore  
126 Campus security  
127 Campus grounds  
Indicate whether you believe that your opinions about the following are solicited - Yes / To some extent / No
128 Admission process  
129 Registration  
130 Recreational activities  
131 Financial aid services  
132 Student housing  
133 Student health insurance  
134 Information Technology  
135 Academic advising  
136 Library services  
137 Cafeteria/food services  
138 Health care services  
139 Career counseling/planning services  
140 Personal counseling  
Indicate whether you believe that your opinions about the following are considered - Yes / To some extent / No
141 Admission process  
142 Registration  
143 Recreational activities  
144 Financial aid services  
145 Student housing  
146 Student health insurance  
147 Information Technology  
148 Academic advising  
149 Library services  
150 Cafeteria/food services  
151 Health care services  
152 Career counseling/planning services  
153 Personal counseling  
Daily / 1 to 4 times per week / 1 to 2 times per month / 1 to 2 times per semester / During exams / Never
154 How often do you seek assistance from the AUB Libraries?  
Yes / No
155 Do you use Moodle interactively ( i.e. to participate in class discussions, etc. )  
156 Do you think a 100% online course would be beneficial?  

VI. College Climate/Environment

Very Poor / Poor / Fair / Good / Very Good / No Opinion
157 The intellectual climate at this campus is  
158 The overall quality of instruction is  
159 Overall communication between students & administration  
160 Overall communication between students & faculty is  
161 Overall quality of services  
162 Overall quality of premises  
163 Overall dissemination of information  
164 Organization of various events or activities at AUB is  
165 Outlook addresses concerns, problems and interests of most students.  
166 The Campus Yearbook  
No / Not Sure / Yes
167 I plan to complete my degree at AUB  
168 If I could start again, I would still choose to attend AUB  

VII. General Education

Strongly Disagree / Disagree / Neutral / Agree / Strongly Agree / Not Applicable
169 I consider myself informed about AUB's general education requirements.  
Advisor / Catalogue / Colleagues / Orientation / Other
170 The general education requirements were communicated to me by/through
Yes / No
171 I have taken courses outside my major to fulfill AUB's general education requirements.  
Courses outside my major that are required to fulfill the general education requirement achieved the following: - Strongly Disagree / Disagree / Neutral / Agree / Strongly Agree / Not Applicable
172 Broaden my knowledge  
173 Enhance my understanding of values and ethics  
174 Strengthen my sense of civic responsibility and leadership  
175 Develop my communication skills  
176 Develop my critical analysis  
177 Develop my independent judgment  
178 The number of courses outside my major required to fulfill general education are adequately balanced with the number of specialized courses required for my degree program.  
179 The skills and knowledge derived from courses taken outside my major to fulfill the general education requirements are integrated to and applied in my specialized major courses.  

VIII. Assessment

Your degree program (major) has a variety of intended student learning outcomes, the most significant of which are described in the statements listed below. Please rate each of the following general statements of learning outcomes in terms of the relative emphasis it is actually given in the different courses that constitute your program (major) of your study by selecting the option that best corresponds to your rating.Low / Below Average / Above Average / High / Not Applicable
180 Develop ability to think critically          
181 Develop ability to think creatively          
182 Develop communication skills          
183 Learn terms, facts, and theories of a particular academic subject          
184 Develop skill in using materials, tools, and/or technology central to this subject          
185 Develop an appreciation of the liberal arts          
186 Develop a commitment to exercise the rights and responsibilities of citizenship          
187 Develop a lifelong love of learning          
188 Develop an openness to new ideas and to other cultures          
189 Develop ability to work productively with others          
190 Develop leadership skills          
191 Cultivate an active commitment to honesty          
192 Develop capacity to think for one's self  
There are many tools by which student’s learning is assessed. Please rate the frequency of average use per course of the following tools in terms of their actual usage in the courses you took. - 'More than Twice/Term'  /  'Twice/Term'  /  'Once/Term'  /  'Once/Year'  /  None
The following is used for performance evaluation of student learning outcomes:
193 Written objective test  
194 Written subjective test  
195 Oral test  
196 Drop quiz  
197 Take-home test  
198 Homework assignment  
199 Observations of laboratory work, field work, or clinical work  
200 Student appraisal in lab/field activities  
201 Oral presentations (use of audiovisual tools, computer skills...)  
202 Participation in class discussion  
203 Use of open-ended problems  
204 Student's course/teacher evaluations and comments (Instructor Course Evaluation ICE)  
205 Teamwork project and assignments (Group Projects)  
206 Use of rubrics  
207 Peer student evaluation (student-student evaluation)  
208 Self-reflection and self-evaluation (asking students to reflect on what and how they learned).  
209 Preparation of two or more drafts of a paper or assignment before turning it in  
210 Work on a paper or project that required integrating ideas or information from various sources  
211 Practicum, internship, field experience, co-op experience, or clinical assignment  
212 Involvement of undergraduate students in supervised research work  
Do you believe that data derived from following assessments are being used by faculty for improving teaching and student learning? - Yes / No
213 Assessment of student learning ,ASL, (quizzes, projects, papers, exams)  
214 Instructor course evaluations (ICE)  
to provide feedback to individual students / to review evaluation procedures / to change content, objectives and syllabi / to modify teaching methods / other uses, specify
215 If yes, how are the data being used?  
lack of time available for faculty / Lack of a reward system / lack of available resources / Others, specify
216 If no, why are data not being used?  
Yes / No
217 Are results of student learning assessments shared and discussed with you?  
218 If yes, how? Please specify

IX. Background Information

18 or under / 19 / 20 / 21 / 22 / 23 to 25 / 26 to 29 / > or = 30
219 Age  
Lebanese / Arab (Gulf-States) / Arab (Non-Gulf) / Other nationalities
220 Indicate your nationality  
College residence hall / Off-campus Room or apartment / Home of parents or relatives / Own home / Other
221 Indicate your current residence
Male / Female
222 Sex  
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