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Suliman S. Olayan School of Business
OSB Inaugurates Its Career Management Services Office

It is now official - Suliman S. Olayan School of Business (OSB) has its own Career Management Services (CMS) office, whose mission is to enhance the students' business experience and career development.

As one of the key initiatives this year, CMS announced a pilot work-readiness program called Fullbridge U, a blended-learning experience that introduces students to professional and job-ready skills through authentic workplace scenarios and team-based activities. So far, 206 undergrads have joined the eight-week program which aims at mastering teamwork, project planning, design thinking, and problem solving skills.

During the program, students will also develop an individual career roadmap, LinkedIn profile, and submission-ready resumes. “Because of the blended online and in-person nature of the program, students will be able to build critical remote-working and time-management skills as they work together to complete team-based projects," explained Dr. Khoury. Expanding the role of career counseling was another key development for CMS, and will be achieved through the implementation of psychometric assessments and individual career counseling to better align student interests with the appropriate career paths. Khoury also highlighted the recently-introduced AUB Career Portal, which will serve as a link between students and potential employers.

The opening event featured invited speaker- OSB senior Lara Kazimi, who encouraged students to step out of their comfort zones and realize their full potential. “Fear was no longer the enemy, it became the signal I was looking for because I knew that at the other end of fear lies growth, and growth leads to opportunities" said Kazimi. “We pretend that comfort zones are our safe bubbles of contentment. But comfort zones are rigid boxes that enclose our ideas and limit us from seeking greater opportunities."

Career development is a life-long process, and here at OSB we provide unprecedented support to students as they discover and make optimal use of their knowledge, skills, and interests in the pursuit of a meaningful career," said Director of Career Management Services Dr. Haitham Khoury, who also highlighted the importance of developing a supportive network of faculty, staff, alumni, and employers to better match students to jobs and careers.

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