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Suliman S. Olayan School of Business
Undergraduates Rebuild Schools, Teach English in Bali

121.jpg  Left to right: Soraya Jomaa , Anne Marie Abi Nader, Omar Labban, and Joanne Estephan.

Volunteering abroad might be one of the best experiences anyone can have to make a life-changing impact while still at university. This is exactly what a group of OSB undergraduate students- Soraya Jomaa, Joanne Estephan and Anne Marie Abi Nader- did when they joined to volunteer at IVHQ, the world's leading volunteer abroad organization.

“Getting exposed to different people, cultures and traditions is just a glimpse of what you can get out volunteering," Omar Labban explained. He and other students took part in IVHQ's affordable Construction and Renovation project, which enabled students to work with Balinese to build a new school for local youth. “It was a thrilling experience where we got to meet other volunteers from Australia, France, Austria, Belgium and the USA, and got BALI.jpgexposed and learned new skills that we would probably not have been able to get elsewhere," said Labban.

Other OSB undergraduate students chose IVHQ's Teaching project in which they worked with local educators to promote greater literacy, support opportunities for higher education, and build vocational skills. “Teaching English to young kids of six and eleven was one of the best experiences of my life," said Anne Marie Abi Nader. “We had so much fun with the kids and at the same time- we were learning a lot. Every day before starting our lesson, we did a mini quiz to see what they remembered from the day before."

 Volunteering abroad offers students the chance to experience new cultures, explore new regions, and learn about different aspects of the business world all at the same time. “Every day after teaching, we would explore Bali's amazing nature and views. Spending three weeks there was perfect to get most out of the experience, and to start missing home," concluded Labban.

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