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Suliman S. Olayan School of Business

As part of the OSB BBA curriculum, all business students must successfully complete the summer internship requirement (BUSS 245).

  • Students must apply for the summer internship by filling this online form.
  • Deadline to apply (fill the online form ): January 27th
  • Deadline to provide the employer's acceptance letter: April 15th


All students applying for the internship program must be juniors who have completed at least 38 credit hours if they were admitted to the university as sophomores, or at least 68 credit hours if they were admitted to the university as freshman. Also, students should have completed the following pre-requisites:

Internship chart.png  

Other Internship Requirements +

■ The internship is normally eight weeks in duration and takes place during the summer term (i.e., any 8 weeks between May 18th and August 25th)
■ The student must comply with the policy of the host company regarding working hours)
■ The work week must not be less than 5 working days)
■ The student will be supervised by a faculty member throughout the internship period)
■ The internship is graded (1 credit). The grade is based on the evaluations of both the direct work supervisor and the OSB faculty supervisor

Internship Solicitation Process+

■ Prepare your CV)
■ Solicit your own internship through personal effort)
■ Check the list of previous host companies and their contact details by clicking here )
■ Seek support and referrals from any of our student internship coaches)
■ Apply for an internship)
■ Submit a hard copy of the internship acceptance letter to the Undergraduate Program Office before April 15th .

Before the Start of the Internship

For further guidelines please download the internship guidelines (.ppt)
Internship Star Award

The internship star award ceremony is an annual event that takes place in order to recognize our outstanding and soon to be professionals. Students should exceed expectations, distinguish themselves, and also develop or introduce an innovation for the host organization to receive the star award.
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