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Suliman S. Olayan School of Business
Rules and Regulations

All OSB students must be familiar with, observe and adhere to the University Student Code of Conduct and OSB's Honor Code.

OSB Rules and Regulations

The university regulations apply to the following:

  • Placement on academic probation

- Students who are attending 4 courses including BUSS 211 (i.e. with a load of 11 credits) are subject to probation regulations.
- If a student on probation drops the whole semester, then that semester is not counted for continued probation purposes

  • Removal of academic probation
  • Dismissal
  • Readmission

- Transfer credits are considered after evaluation of a student's coursework. The student must have achieved a grade equivalent to the AUB average of 77 in each of the courses for which transfer of credits may be granted
- Regulations on readmission also apply to students who are dropped from other AUB faculties and apply for admission to OSB
- Readmission of students dropped from the School by the Administrative Committee requires the approval of that Committee, whereas readmission of students dropped from other AUB Faculties requires the approval of the OSB Admissions Committee

  • Failing and Repeating courses

- A student who at the end of the senior year fails to fulfill the graduation requirements pertaining to cumulative grade averages and is not dismissed must repeat the courses with low grades, in order to raise the overall average to the required minimum

  • Cross-registration

- A business student who wants to register for a course at another recognized institution must meet all requirements for cross-registration

Please refer to the General University Academic Information section of the AUB Undergraduate Academic Catalogue for further information.

Classification of Students

A BBA student shall be considered to have completed a class level (i.e. freshman, sophomore, junior or senior) when he/she has successfully completed 30 or more credits beyond the requirements for the previous class. A student may be granted a certificate stating that he/she has completed a class level only when he/she has completed the specified courses in the regular program for that class and has acquired the requisite number of credits.

The credit requirements are as follows:

For the completion of the freshman class30 credits
For the completion of the sophomore class60 credits (cumulative)
For the completion of the junior class90 credits (cumulative)

Credit Load
Students may register for up to 17 credit hours in a regular academic semester (e.g. Fall or Spring) and 10 credit hours in the Summer term. Junior and senior, but not sophomore, students who wish to increase their credit load to 18 credit hours in a semester must have completed ENGL 203 and ENGL 204 and then petition the OSB Administrative Committee for permission to do so. Normally, junior and senior students with an overall average of at least 80 or an average of at least 80 in the last two semesters are given such permission.
The credit load of a student who is in his/her first semester on probation (P1) shall not be fewer than 12 credit hours and shall not exceed 17 credit hours. The load of a student who continues to be placed on probation (P2) shall not be fewer than 12 credit hours and shall not exceed 13 credit hours. Students who are registered in the BUSS 245 (Internship) course may register for no more than 3 other credit hours, provided that the other course(s) taken do not conflict with the working hours of the summer internship. Honor students may petition to be allowed to register for a maximum of 7 credit hours, including the internship.

All BBA students must successfully complete the internship program (BUSS 245). For more information about the internship requirements please click here.[KAK(6] 

Make up Exam policy
A student who misses the midterm exam will receive a zero. Make-up exam for the midterm and shift in weights are not allowed. A student (business or non-business) who misses a final exam will receive a grade of zero on the final exam. Only in cases of extreme emergencies (i.e. death in the family, surgery, serious illness …) the student or his/her representative must inform his/her instructor and submit the following documents within 72 hours from the missed exam time to OSB Undergraduate Program Student Services:

  • Makeup petition form
  • For medical reasons, a medical report must also be provided and signed by an UHS (infirmary) or AUBMC doctor
  • Students who petition for a makeup exam must be prepared to sit for the exam during the current semester's final exam period. This period may be extended by a maximum of 4 days only

Incomplete course work is reported as an “I" followed by a numerical grade reflecting the evaluation of the student, based on available information. The evaluation is based on a grade of zero on all missed work and is reported in units of five. If the work is not completed within the period specified, the “I" is dropped and the numerical grade becomes the final grade.

Examinations and Quizzes
Undergraduate business courses, other than tutorial and seminar courses, have final examinations, unless otherwise authorized by the OSB Undergraduate Student Academic Affairs and Curriculum Committee. In all courses in which final examinations are given, a student would not receive a passing grade without taking a final examination. Even though final examinations are not required in tutorial and seminar courses, the instructor may choose to give a final examination.

  • A student who misses the midterm exam will receive a zero. No make-up exam for the midterm is allowed
  • No shift in weight to the final exam is allowed
  • The midterm exam policy should be stated clearly in the syllabus of the course


Study Abroad
A business student who started his/her undergraduate program at AUB and wishes to study abroad must seek prior approval from the OSB Undergraduate Student Academic Affairs and Curriculum Committee if the student wishes to spend one year and earn up to 30 credits at another university. However, the student must spend his/her last semester at AUB. The student must achieve a grade equivalent to the AUB grade of 77 in one concentration course for which transfer credits may be granted.
An OSB student wishing to study abroad normally would not be granted equivalency credits for core business courses. Exceptions may be granted on a case by case basis by the OSB Undergraduate Student Academic Affairs and Curriculum Committee.
A business student wishing to study abroad through an exchange program, approved by the office of International program (mainly AACSB accredited schools), is allowed to transfer two core business courses provided he/she receives an equivalent to the AUB grade of 77 in each of the courses.

Graduation Requirements

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