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Suliman S. Olayan School of Business
Life after the Program - EMBA

OSB maintains a proactive interface with both its student participants and the corporations they lead. The school’s Executive MBA Office enhances and strengthens the relationship with the company by providing “after-sales support” through strategic partnerships. Such partnerships are designed to seamlessly plug the company’s executives into our world-class academic environment and to customize future executive education solutions upon demand.

Our participants consolidate their experiential learning by translating the acquired actionable knowledge, skills and leadership toolkits into proactive initiatives designed to take their companies to the next level.

Participant Perspectives

"The holistic approach of the EMBA has enabled me to grow from a successful manager to a well-informed leader. Daily challenges, during the program and on the job, testing, proving and honing my new skills and abilities, have been like the grooming of an athlete. I am on the right track, and winning the gold medal is now within reach."

Shady Al Akl, Class 10
Project Manager, Samir Khairallah and Partners

"The EMBA is to a business leader like a compass is to a sailor. It opened up new horizons and took me to the next dimension in management "

Nasser Ghandour, Class 10
Founder and Managing Director, Mets Energy

“The EMBA provided a framework that helped structure my 20+ years of career experience and gave me a holistic and strategic perspective. It ignited the discipline of learning within me"

Hussam Kayyal, Class 8
Managing Director, EXCEED / Entrepreneur

“The experience is both intellectual and social. The learning is everywhere and continuous – participating in class, debating with fellow students, applying the concepts at work and helping my team learn.

Shadi Bakhour, Class 7
Sales and Marketing Director, Xerox KSA

“Professors contributed to our success in the most graceful way. they touched our lives, expanded our comfort zone and helped us realize our potential "

Amal Jousou Kaysi, Class 9
Executive Manager, Macromed Pharmaceutical Company

"A very rigorous program delivered by a highly experienced and knowledgeable team of professors. Transitioning between classroom and work was beneficial as I applied new concepts with impact at work, and brought real world issues into AUB for debate with instructors and colleagues.” 

Rana Tuffaha, Class 7
Sales Manager, Novartis Pharma Services

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