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Suliman S. Olayan School of Business
Life after the Program - MBA

Our MBAs receive the best offers in the Middle East region and many go on to pursue senior career paths in the US and Europe. Within three years of graduating they typically assume managerial positions in their respective industries and companies. Many stay connected with their alma mater to mentor OSB students, co-teach or simply to reconnect with their professors and classmates.


Here’s what our MBAs have to say about their professional and personal experiences at OSB:

"The MBA at AUB acquainted me with individuals from other fields thanks to the well-rounded nature of the program. Coming from an economics background, the enhanced finance track taught me the much-needed technical end, which was extremely helpful in dealing with financial modeling professionals. While the core courses shaped me to appreciate the pillars of various non-technical areas in business management from marketing to strategy. The thesis was especially critical in designing information tools into meaningful knowledge applied to a focused career path while retaining the big picture.”

Nicolas Saade , OSB MBA,
Equity Analyst & Assistant Portfolio Manager at BLOMINVEST BANK

Inspiring professors compelling you to merge acquired learnings and theory with day-to-day business practice and stretching you beyond the course curriculum.

A reputable academic achievement opening doors to many multinationals and equipping you with the necessary tools and mind-set to tackle challenges and embark on a successful career path. Beware, the MBA students are more astute and much sharper than your undergraduate mates and you will need to keep up to the elevated benchmark 


Dana Khoury , OSB MBA, 1995
NCBs Marketing Director -MEA
PepsiCola International

I enjoyed every minute of my time, while pursuing a MBA at OSB. The predominantly young, energetic, and inspiring faculty made sure that both the quality of education as well as the level of instruction are at very high standards. In addition to that, OSB taught me that when you face a problem, trying to look for scapegoats is a waste of time while finding a solution is the priority. Both the education and the maturity I gained from the program made me a powerful candidate for a career in management consulting

Rabih Baz RadwanHana, OSB MBA 2013
Associate Consultant
Strategic Decisions Group

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