Office of the President
History of the Presidents 

Marquand House - under construction

Marquand House (the bell in foreground is no longer there as it was reinstalled in the Clock Tower of College Hall after renovations)

Marquand House, completed and occupied in 1879, has been the residence of all presidents of the University. The second and fourth presidents, Dr. Howard Bliss and Dr. Stephen Penrose, died while in office. Dr. Malcolm Kerr, the ninth president, was assassinated on January 18,1984. To read the profiles of previous presidents, click on the name.


President Dr. Daniel Bliss 1866-1902
President Dr. Howard S. Bliss 1902-1920
Acting President Dean Edward F. Nickoley 1920-1923
President Dr. Bayard Dodge 1923-1948
President Dr. Stephen B.L. Penrose, Jr. 1948-1954
Acting President Dr. Constantin K. Zurayk 1954-1957
President Dr. J. Paul Leonard 1957-1961
President Mr. Norman Burns 1961-1965
President Dr. Samuel B. Kirkwood 1965-1976
Interim President Dr. James Cowan 1976-1977
President Dr. Harold E. Hoelscher 1977-1981
Acting President Mr. David S. Dodge 1981-1982
President Dr. Malcolm H. Kerr 1981-1984
Acting President Dr. Samir K. Thabet 1984
President Dr. Calvin Plimpton 1984-1987
President Dr. Frederic P. Herter 1987-1993
President Dr. Robert M. Haddad 1993-1996
President Mr. David S. Dodge 1996-1997
President Dr. John Waterbury 1997-2008
President Peter F. Dorman 2008- June 2015
Acting President Makhluf Haddadin July-August 2015
President Fadlo R. Khuri September 2015-
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