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Initiatives and Task Forces

Strategic Planning
The AUB Strategic Planning 2016-2030  is organized around four objectives:

1. Transforming student education into a holistic student learning experience.
2.  Building new and enhancing the existing infrastructure and academic support, all while embracing digital technology and ensuring environmental sustainability.
3. Making collaboration and engagement an intrinsic part of learning, teaching, service and research to strengthen AUB’s impact and role internally within the institution, as well as locally, regionally, and globally.
4. Encouraging and properly resourcing focused scholarly work that addresses contextual problems, serves our society and influences public and scientific policy and practice.

The Academic Assessment Unit maintains the specific goals and the Key Performance Indicators that track progress on these measures.

Academic Strategic Plan and Provost Vision and Goals


AUB signed an agreement with BigChoice on September, 2016 to have a global marketing and recruitment campaign for 12 months, targeting undergraduate and graduate students located mainly in Asia, South America, and Africa. As a result of this agreement, BigChoice will develop 3 websites (microsites) one for targeting undergraduate students (UG), and the others for targeting Graduate (GR) students and MBA students. BigChoice will be using those 3 website to collect leads for prospective students with the aim to provide AUB with 100 students profiles that match AUB admission criteria based on interviews (phone-screening) carried out by BigChoice team. As of today, AUB faculties provided the requested materials and 3 draft microsites were created by BigChoice and are being finalized.  

Leadership, Equity, and Diversity (LEAD)
The LEAD initiative facilitates coordination, efficiency, synergy, and learning across AUB’s comprehensive scholarship programs (below)  while promoting the principles of inclusion, diversity and equity in higher education. Bringing these programs together under one roof in Reynolds Hall is one of LEAD’s most visible early achievements.

The Mu'taz and Rada Sawwaf Arabic Comics Initiative
The Mu'taz and Rada Sawwaf Arabic Comics Initiative is an academic body for the study of Arabic Comics at the American University of Beirut. It aims to elevate and facilitate the interdisciplinary research of Arabic comics, promote the production, scholarship and teaching of comics, and develop and maintain a repository of Arabic comics literature.  


Committee on Electronic Voting
In April 2017, the Provost appointed a committee on Electronic Voting co-chaired by Dr. Ghazi Zaatari and Dr. Rima Habib. The function of this committee is to discuss the implementation of new technologies and tools to enhance representative votes of the faculty members at their respective affiliations and University-wide while remaining observant of the rules and regulations of the Institution.  

Grievance Committee 
In March 2017, the Provost appointed a Grievance Committee co-chaired by Dr. Nuhad Dumit and Dr. Syrine Hout. The functions of this committee will be to:
◾Review AAUP guidelines and US peer institutions regarding having a  standing grievance committee for faculty issues/affairs, its function, term, grievance procedure.
◾Compare to existing procedure at AUB, refer to Grievance Policy and Procedures and Faculty Manual.
◾Make recommendations on faculty grievance issues based on best practices to be presented to the Senate Steering Committee.

Committee on Student Complaints
In March 2017, the Provost appointed an ad-hoc committee for student complaints at AUB co-chaired by Dr. Hala Muhtasib and Dr. Talal Nezameddine. The functions of this committee will be to:
◾Define the types of complaints.
◾Describe the policies and procedures used in handling and tracking student grievances and complaints.
◾Document where these policies and procedures are published, who track them and how.
◾Recommend modifications as a result of information obtained in handling student complaints.

Committee on Teaching Effectiveness
In March 2017, the Provost appointed a committee on Teaching Effectiveness co-chaired by Dr. Nahla Hwalla and Dr. Saouma Boujaoude. The function of this committee is to discuss the criteria and mechanism to measure teaching effectiveness.

Grading Task Force
In December 2016, the President appointed a University Task Force chaired by the Provost with the mandate to evaluate and improve the grading system at AUB to become compatible with international standards. The purpose of revisiting AUB’s grading system is to recognize more appropriately student achievement consistent with AUB’s mission.  It should also ensure that AUB students are not disadvantaged when applying to graduate programs or scholarships abroad. 

Graduate Education Task Force
In September 2016, the Provost appointed a standing Graduate Education Task Force with the mandate to evaluate the 1) financial sustainability, 2) quality of academic graduate programs, 3) graduate students services, and 4) governance of graduate education, suggest improvements to current practices, and seek implementation. 

Tenure Design Committee
In February 2016, the President appointed a Tenure Design Committee (TDC) composed of faculty, administration, and BOT members with the mandate to develop a comprehensive design for the tenure system. TDC proposed general design components, mechanisms and criteria for the new tenure system at steady state and for the transition of in-post faculty to the new tenure system. The proposal was shared with the faculty at large and was discussed in faculty town hall meetings. The TDC final report and its respective appendices.

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