Office of the Provost
Visiting Scholar Program 

The objectives of the Visiting Scholar Program are:

·         To enhance interdisciplinary cooperation at AUB;

·         To expand the academic and research expertise available to AUB faculty;

·         To promote the exchange of ideas between AUB faculty and visiting scholars;

·         To facilitate academic and research collaboration between AUB faculty and the institutions represented by the visitors;

·         To provide faculties and departments undergoing program review with critical input and review recommendations.


Applications/proposals for visiting scholars are voted at the departmental/program level and approved by the dean of the faculty/school, after consultation with the faculty advisory committee. Once approved by the dean, visiting scholar applications are submitted to the provost for final approval.

Priority is given to applications received by January 5.

The application for each visiting scholar should include the following information, as well as his or her CV:

·         Name of faculty/school, department, and/or program;

·         Date of application;

·         Name of visiting scholar;

·         Current position, affiliation of visitor;

·         Area of scholarly specialization;

·         Proposed date(s) of visit;

·         Summary of visitor’s scholarly contributions;

·         Visitor’s program while at AUB;

·         How the proposed visit satisfies the stated visiting scholar program objectives;

·         Expected outcomes of the visit;

·         Chair or director’s recommendation;

·         Dean’s recommendation, including information about the nominee’s merit and selection.

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