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Student Activities

The AUB campus life offers students the chance to be involved in a variety of activities throughout the year. Most of the activities are organized by clubs and societies that are run by students under the supervision of the office of Student Affairs/Student Activities. A cabinet is elected yearly to oversee the activities of all clubs/societies and control the financial funding and expenditure of the club.

Student organizations at AUB include Student Representative Committees (SRC’s), University Student Faculty Committee (USFC), which fall under the general category of Student Governance. Clubs, societies and student publications are other important channels for students to be active. AUB’s clubs and societies cover a very wide range of student interests in the fields of drama, music, debate, writing, hiking and experiencing the outdoor life.

Have the chance to get involved by sharing your experiences with others and being exposed to diverse points of view. Allow yourself to show your talents and develop your interests through interaction of other students.

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