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Social Media Takes AUB by Storm

Timmy Malkoun

Associate Editor


Social media in Lebanon has witnessed a marked growth recently. Most notably, the popularity of blogs has increased exponentially as has people’s foray into the world of Twitter; in order to see social media in action, one need not look any further than the AUB Campus.


Most notably, a recent addition to the multitude of clubs in AUB is AUB’s Online Collaborative (AUBOC). The mission of the club is “[t]o support and encourage AUB bloggers and users of social media (such as Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, etc.) [and] [t]o promote the usage of such tools amongst other AUB students given their current popularity and importance.”


According to Mohammad Hijazi, the club’s president and founder, “The ultimate goal of the club is to make students aware of the importance of social media and to encourage as much of them as possible to start blogs to express their opinions and views about what interests them.”


Hijazi states, “I have realized the vast importance and popularity that social media is getting recently, especially that it has taken over many fields including journalism, politics, education, marketing, etcetera.” He adds, “The idea warranted a club because I wanted to unite the users of social media (especially bloggers and Tweeps) under one organization in order to promote them and make them more popular in the Lebanese and Arab blogosphere and Twitter scene.”


The club is currently planning a multitude of events including a lecture on improving student life in AUB through technology and social media, workshops about blogging and the effective use of Twitter and Linked-In, as well as other events, including tweet-ups (which are essentially meet ups involving people from Twitter), and the Blogging Lebanon Convention which will take place on December 3, 2010.


Furthermore, testament to the growing importance of social media on campus is Leila Khauli Hanna, Instructor of Marketing at OSB, who has begun to use Twitter as a mode of communication for her Communications class (Marketing 225). Hanna states “Twitter is amazing because it gives us access to immediate news and allows us to share articles and feedback.” Furthermore, when asked if Twitter was being used to replace Moodle, Hanna stated, “Moodle is amazing, and [using twitter] complements it.”


Hanna continues to state, “Even people who are not taking the course post feedback,” commenting on the dynamic nature of the social media interface.

She adds, “In a course where social media has become the thing to use, using Twitter made sense,” as social media is indeed a hot topic in our world today.

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