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Swimming Competition at AUB

Anis Kadado
Contributing Writer

Just when everybody thought that the week was over and started to “thank God it’s Friday,” a number of other individuals couldn’t wait to get wet and set new records. On Friday, November 5, AUB held its annual swimming competition at its semi-Olympic sized pool at the Charles Hostler Student Center (CHSC). Various schools from different parts of Lebanon including International College (IC), American Community School (ACS), Sagesse High School (SHS), Collège Louise Wegmann, Collège Notre Dame De Jamhour, Grand Lyceè Franco Libanais, Saint Mary's Orthodox School, Makassed School, Al-Iman High School and Champville Collège Maristes took part in this competition, aiming at winning all that they can.

Different swimming styles were part of the competition, including the breath-stroke, backstroke, free-style, butterfly, and medley. Corine, the event supervisor, added that “this competition is open for all ages and happens twice a year, once for competing schools and another for universities.” When asked about the reason over which this event takes place, she stated, “this is an event that AUB organizes simply to offer individuals with a sports endeavour, as is offered with track, soccer, basketball and other sports competitions.” Champions and record holders of the competing schools boasted their swimming skills in the 30 minute warm-up period prior to beginning.

The results were as follows: 50m freestyle boys, 1st place Nami Asir (ACS), and for the girls, Nibal Yammout (IC); 50m breast-stroke boys, 1st place Hamza Kobrolsi (Iman) and for the girls Nibal Yammout (IC); 50m back-stroke, 1st place boys Maroun Waked (SHS), and Gabriella Doueihi (Champville); 50m butterfly boys, 1st place Mohammad Baghdadi (Makassed) and Sarah Khatib (IC); 100m individual medley, 1st place boys Maroun Waked (SHS) and Lynn Doughan for the girls (Jamhour). A total of 46 points was collected for IC, with 38 points followed by SHS and 20 points by Champville, placing IC at the top of the competing schools.

Speaking of records and champions, the IC champion, Nibal Yamout, a swimmer since the age of 5 and currently in her final year of school, frankly predicted the results of her races. “Yes,” was her answer when asked if she was expecting to win the races she took part in. In fact, she did. On the other hand, Khaled Saab and Sinan Osman from ACS bluntly stated that there is no way they were going to win since they were only beginners. Maroun Waked easily won the 50 m back stroke competition he was in, with a time of 32.92 seconds, the second coming in at 37.71 seconds. His father and personal coach, Mr. Labib Waked, proudly stated that “the record you see is simply set for this competition. His real record is at 30 seconds.”

At the end of the day, all swimmers went home as champions. Whether coming in first place or last, it was evident from the looks on the competitors’ faces that they were all happy to be part of this competition hosted by AUB that provided them an opportunity at cheering, laughing, teasing and most importantly, placing their talents to the test.
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