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Outlook - Issue 3 Volume 44

 Issue 3 Editorial - Education

Lojine Kamel

“Education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance. “ Will Durant.
  Education is a privilege that comes with social responsibility. As college students and hopeful graduates, we should take it upon us to strive to promote human rights and dignity on a global scale. It is also our duty to realize that education is never a temporary phase, but rather the continuation of our existence. We are lifelong students of the world around us, and lifelong teachers to those who wish to learn.

  We should never feel above others who are unable to receive college or even high school diplomas. A degree can never replace one’s own intellect, no matter how much we pay for it.     
  Unfortunately, it is becoming increasingly common for students to feel that their diplomas stand for their person, defining themselves by their major and CV.

  We are students and psych majors, volunteers and “pre-medders.” We are staff writers and Red Cross members, Honor Roll students and tennis champions. We are people.

  Education stands for so much more than learning calculus, behaviorism and the history of the Mamluk Sultanate. It is within the walls of AUB that we establish our personalities, our relationships, and our futures. It is here that we begin to realize the enormity of the world around us, and the vast stores of knowledge that we can only begin to comprehend. It is here that we become adults and gain responsibility. It is here where we begin.

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