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The Engineering Student Society (ESS) in the American University of Beirut (AUB) is an apolitical and non-religious society for the Engineering Students by the Engineering Students. Formed by members from the Faculty of Engineering and led by a committee (or cabinet), the ESS organizes several events of all types along the year. They can be sports, entertainment, social, educational, academic events or simply any other ones that might be related in any way to AUB Engineering students.


  • To create a network uniting the Engineering Community in AUB,
  • To provide Engineering Students with all sort of help or assistance they'd need,
  • To provide a friendly and fun (less pressuring) mood in the Faculty,
  • To improve and ease the way of life of the Engineering Students, and
  • To answer in the best way possible any suggestion or request from the society's members.

Cabinet Members

Officer Role





Emile Zankoul

Vice President 


Zafer Victor Rustom



Talina Zeidan



Edwina Tanios



Youssef Yassine

Public Relations


Georgio Haddad

E1 Representative


Jason Bejjani

Record Keeper


Elia Jane Karam

Faculty Adviser


Dr. George Saad

Previous Events
  • Workshop on interview skills
  • Workshop on CV writing
  • Logo Competition
Upcoming Events
  • DOTA tournament
  • Futsal tournament
  • Inter-departments basketball tournament (Professors and Students)
Online Social Media
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