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Career and Placement Services
Mentor/Mentee Program

The Mentor program is designed to link students with an advocate from the profession who will provide honest insights as students explore and evaluate their potential career and educational options.

This program aims to assist AUB students in choosing their graduate career paths and facilitating their placement process. It also provides guidance on their future profession through sharing their valuable insights with their mentors. 

Steps for Participation:

Step 1: Registration: Fill out the registration forms and create your profile:
Registration For Mentees: 
Registration For Mentors:
Step 2: Orientation: Attend the orientation session
Step 3: Match: Mentees review the profile of potential Mentors to select a suitable match
Step 4: Communicate: Mentor receives  a request for Mentee
Step 5: Follow-up: Mentor and Mentee get introduced to each other via email
Step 6: Start: Mentor and Mentee start the mentoring process


To initiate a campus-wide online mentoring program that connects students with alumni in one-on-one relationships for career guidance and advice & assists in planning their future strategies to achieve their goals.

Program Overview:

Mentoring is the passing on of skills, knowledge and wisdom from one person to another paving their path for success

Mentoring Program aims to:

  • Foster a relationship focused on giving and receiving professional career advice
  • Enhance professional skills of AUB students
  • Establish a support system between AUB students and Alumni
  • Reconnect Alumni with AUB to share their experiences
  • A Mentor Is A Person Who…Career Development

    • Advises students on carer options and discusses particular fields of interest. 
    • Shares experiences of working in the “real world”.
    • May invite the mentee to “shadow” him/her for a day so that he/she can learn about a particular field. 
    • Guides and supports students in their research for internships and summer positions with specific companies. 
    • Helps the mentee in selecting particular companies to work for.
    • Provides guidance in resume writing and cover letters as well as gives valuable tips on interview strategies.
    • Introduces the mentee to a variety of information and resources.
    • Helps students in preparing for specific careers/jobs.
    • Exposes students to their field of interest, and illustrates potential benefits of the profession.
    • Acquaints students to the corporate environment.

    To become a Mentor, you should be:

    • Be an AUB alumnus/a
    • Have at least three years of work experience
    • Be willing to commit to “meet” (in person, by phone, Skype, via email, etc.) with your Mentee at least once a month for an academic semester

    Academic Support

    • Discusses graduate school options with the mentee
    • Assists the mentees in filling their university applications, and shares experiences of graduate and/or professional schools. 
    • Demonstrates the benefits of a graduate education. 
    • Shares research opportunities and/or internships, fellowships and financial aid.
    • Assists the mentee with the graduate school entrance exam requirements, (such as the GRE, MCAT, LSAT, GMAT).

    Personal Development

    • Introduces the mentee to positive role models who have gone through similar experiences. 
    • Encourages career goal setting and how to achieve them. 
    • Invites students to visit their company and attend professional events or conferences 
    • Assists students with professional networking

    What are the Mentee Roles and Responsibilities:

    • Build a genuine relationship with your mentor rather than using them as a tool to find internships and jobs
    • Keep an open mind and maintain professional and proactive attitudes throughout the relationship
    • Share expectations, goals, and personal experiences with your mentor
    • Be receptive to suggestions and feedback
    • Maintain regular communication with your mentor by being punctual and committed to your meetings
    • Complete CPS surveys in a timely fashion
    • Keep a Mentee Journal where you record the date and time of your meetings
    • Remember to say “Thank you!”
    • Report any problems to the CPS Office

    To become a Mentee, you should be:

      • Be a senior or junior full time undergraduate student at AUB
      • Be willing to commit to “meet” with your Mentor in person, by phone, Skype, via email, etc. at least once a month for an academic semester

    What are the Benefits of Having a Mentor?

    • Learning about potential career options from someone who has had a similar experience 
    • Obtaining practical and professional advice from a different perspective  
    • Networking with experts in your field of interest & expose yourself to the professional environment 
    • Learning about the operations of a specific company and industry
    • Sharing your educational and career aspirations with your own personal advocate

    What Is The Reward of Being A Mentor?

    • Acquiring the rewarding experience of guiding an AUB student. 
    • Having a chance to help current registered students and be connected to AUB. 
    • Maintaining communication and interacting with other mentors. 
    • Helping the mentee succeed in their future career path. 
    • Being eligible for the AUB Mentor of the Year Award.

    What Is Expected Of Me As A Mentor?

    • Help the mentee acquire knowledge, information and skills.
    • Encourage the mentee to approach other references for information and develop his/her own network of resources. 
    • Guide the mentee to become an active, self-directed problem solver. 
    • Be ready and able to have regular contact with the mentee.
    • Establish a positive relationship with the mentee.

    What Type of Commitment is Required?

    The Mentor program runs at the beginning of every academic year, from October through September. The teams should communicate at least 2 hours/month, primarily through e-mail. Generally, the time commitment ranges from several hours per week to a few hours per month depending on the preferences of both the Mentee and the Mentor. It is up to the student and the Mentor to decide together what works best for them. The mentor and mentee agree on the type of their relationship in terms of time duration, topics discussed, etc.

    During the Christmas, Easter, and summer vacations as well as semester break, teams are encouraged to arrange a site visit at the mentor's place of employment, if possible.

    What Type of Communication is Recommended?

    E-mail is the primary means of communication; therefore mentees and mentors must have regular access to their email accounts. Email can be less intimidating, gives mentor/mentee time to convey thoughts in a more articulate manner, and allows both to respond to each other as their schedule permits.

    It is strongly recommended that email correspondence is periodically supplemented with telephone conversations or face-to-face meetings, to further strengthen relationships. 

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    1. What is mentoring?
    Mentoring is a voluntary, long-term, one-on-one relationship between two individuals such as a student and an alumnus/a. The relationship is characterized by:
    ·         Respect and a commitment to personal growth
    ·         Mutual exchange
    ·         Interpersonal support

     2. How is mentoring different from networking?
    Whereas networking focuses on developing contacts for professional purposes (informational interviews, job leads, etc.), mentoring describes a more comprehensive and long-term relationship that includes all aspects of career and personal development.
    3. What distinguishes this program from Career Connect and other such programs?
    The goal of The Mentorship Program is to facilitate and encourage the development of long-term relationships between students and alumni. While the Career Connect Program is an excellent resource for one-time informational interviewing/networking and career advice, this program strives to provide students with personal, long-term alumni support to help them identify and pursue their career and personal interests.
    4. How and when do I sign up for The Mentorship Program?
    Alumni: You can participate in the program by clicking the "REGISTER" button on the sidebar. Click Here to Register. You will need to confirm your alumni status before you can create an account. Once your alumni status has been confirmed, you will need to complete a profile by providing background information and selecting your personal mentoring preferences. During each mentoring round, students will have the chance to view your profile and request you as a Mentor. After being selected, you will be given the opportunity to accept the Mentee who has selected you as a Mentor. You will be notified by email when you have been matched with a Mentee.
    Students: You can register in the program at three times during the year: the beginning of the fall, spring, and summer semesters. Click Here to Register. You will need to complete a short form and attend an orientation before you can participate in the program. You will then be able to create an account on the website where you will be able to search for and request Mentors. Once a Mentor accepts you as a Mentee, you will be notified by email of the match.
    5. How are the mentoring pairs made?
    After students enter their preferences (industry, personal interests, location, etc.), the software will automatically generate an anonymous list of alumni Mentors sorted according to how closely the alumnus/a matches students’ criteria. Students can then request a Mentor from this list. The Mentor will then have the opportunity to either accept or decline the request.
    6. What types of activities might I be participating in as part of the Mentorship Program?
    It is up to the alumni Mentor and the student Mentee to decide what types of activities they will do together. Possible activities include asking a Mentor to review a resume or to provide guidance on how to maintain a good work-life balance. The program is designed to help compatible students and alumni find each other. The actual nature of the mentoring relationship, however, will be up to students and alumni to determine and develop individually. For ideas on activities, please contact the Career and Placement Services, Office of Student Affairs, Dr. Maryam Ghandour at or office direct landline +961-1-744488 or AUB internal extension 3172.
    7. What should I do once I have been paired with an alumnus/a or a student?
    We ask the student to make the first contact after the alumnus/a accepts the mentoring request. Our hope is that you will be able to arrange to “meet” each other early in the relationship via phone, Skype, or face-to-face, so you can get to know each other’s general interests, significant people or events, and likes and dislikes. At the end of the meeting, we ask that the Mentor and Mentee agree on a schedule of meetings and related mentoring activities going forward.
    8. How much time will be involved in the mentoring relationship?
    We ask both the Mentor and student to commit to a minimum of two hours per month. Generally, the time commitment ranges from several hours per week to a few hours per month depending on the preferences of both the Mentee and the Mentor. It is up to the student and the Mentor to decide together what works best for them.
    9. For students: Why was I declined?
    Please don’t take it personally. There are all sorts of reasons why your requested alumnus/a might have declined that have nothing to do with your profile or interests.  It may be, for example, that it is an especially busy time for the alumus/a or that the alumus/a does not think that the two of you would be a good fit. Do not get discouraged. Just go back into the system and search for and request another Mentor.
    10. For mentors: Why haven't I been requested yet?
    Please don’t take it personally.  It may be that there are no students looking for Mentors with your specific background and experience at this time. We do not match Mentors with students. We instead leave it up to the students to request Mentors who are in our database using specific search criteria. It is important, therefore, to make sure your profile is complete. To update your profile, contact the Career and Placement Services, Office of Student Affairs, Dr. Maryam Ghandour at or office direct landline +961-1-744488 or AUB internal extension 3172.
    11. How long should I expect to remain in this mentoring relationship?
    The formal mentoring relationship lasts for an academic semester. At the end of the semester, our online system will automatically terminate the pairing so that students can search for new Mentors and alumni have the opportunity to work with different Mentees. This does not mean, however, that the mentoring relationship has to end. Our hope is that Mentors and Mentees will continue their relationships on an informal basis beyond the end of the formal agreement period.
    12. Can I request more than one Mentor at a time?
    The program is designed to help students establish a one-on-one long-term relationship with a Mentor. We have found that the best way to achieve this goal is for students to work with only one Mentor at a time.
    13. What if there is a problem with my mentoring relationship?
    If you are experiencing any problems in your relationship or have any questions, please contact us so we can help. Contact the Career and Placement Services, Office of Student Affairs, Dr. Maryam Ghandour at or office direct landline +961-1-744488 or AUB internal extension 3172. We would like to have the opportunity to work with you to improve the relationship if there are any problems.
    14. What if I have not yet decided on a major or a career? Can I work with more than one Mentor?
    We’ve found that students who have a fairly clear idea of their future career goals going into the program are able to benefit the most from the experience. We also understand, however, that a good mentoring relationship can help students identify and clarify their career goals. This is why although we only match students with one Mentor at a time, students have the option of working with a different Mentor at a later date.
    15. Why is my specific occupation not listed? Why is the occupation that I want to search for not listed?
    We have deliberately kept the occupation list short because too many choices can hamper the matching process. For instance, if the occupation list were more extensive, then there would be fewer matches for any specific occupation. Please select the occupation that is the closest match to your career field or your desired career field.

    Disclaimer Policy:

    Student and Alumni Participant Information

    The Mentorship Program (the “MP”) of the American University of Beirut (“AUB”) receives and collects personal identifiable information about students and alumni users (such as name, contact information, academic history, employment history, etc.) when students and alumni register for services, and will store such information in the files and in a password-protected section of the website of the AUB Alumni Relations Office (the “ARO”).

    The ARO and any other groups affiliated with AUB that are facilitating or assisting with the provision of mentoring services to mentors or mentees may access some of the mentor and mentee personal information, and at times may send e-mail using communication tools on the site.

    In addition, mentors and mentees may access some of the student and alumni personal information, and at times may send e-mail using communication tools on the site. In addition, alumni and students that use the MP will have access to some of the information provided by potential matches, for matching purposes. The MP and other organizations affiliated with AUB are not responsible for what students or alumni do with the personal information that is available or accessible through the MP or the ARO website.

    While the MP endeavors to restrict access to the ARO website to participating alumni and students only, the MP cannot guarantee that other parties will not, without consent, gain access to the website.
    Mentorship Activities and Experiences

    Students and alumni participating in the MP will design their own mentorship experiences. These experiences may include meetings, “job shadowing,” and other activities. AUB, the ARO, and the MP are not responsible for the way mentors and mentees interact, and cannot be held liable for any harm resulting from any activities engaged in by mentors and mentees.
    Sexual Harassment Policy

    Persons who participate in the MP must comply with the applicable university policies, including AUB’s Policies Concerning Sexual and Other Discriminatory Harassment.
    Read More
    Technical Issues
    Read More
    Final Disclaimer

    The MP consists of AUB alumni volunteering their time to serve as mentors. Due to the volunteer structure of the MP, we cannot guarantee that the information shared is accurate and up to date. AUB, the ARO, and the MP cannot be held liable for any information shared in the MP section of the ARO website or by an MP volunteer. AUB, the ARO, and the MP are not responsible for the way mentors and mentees interact.

    If you are interested to participate in the Mentor/Mentee program, please fill the registration form below.

    Young Alumni - Register Here!

    Current Students - Register Here!

    For any inquiries about the Mentee Program, contact the Career and Placement Services, Office of Student Affairs, Dr. Maryam Ghandour at or office direct landline +961-1-744488 or AUB internal extension 3172.

    For any inquiries about the Mentor Program, contact the Alumni Relations Office, Ms. Sirine Ghalayini at

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