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Mentor/Mentee Program 

The Mentor program is designed to link students with an advocate from the profession who will provide honest insights as students explore and evaluate their potential career and educational options.

This program aims to assist AUB students in choosing their graduate career paths and facilitating their placement process. It also provides guidance on their future profession through sharing their valuable insights with their mentors. A Mentor Is A Person Who…Career Development

  • Advises students on carer options and discusses particular fields of interest. 
  • Shares experiences of working in the “real world”.
  • May invite the mentee to “shadow” him/her for a day so that he/she can learn about a particular field. 
  • Guides and supports students in their research for internships and summer positions with specific companies. 
  • Helps the mentee in selecting particular companies to work for.
  • Provides guidance in resume writing and cover letters as well as gives valuable tips on interview strategies.
  • Introduces the mentee to a variety of information and resources.
  • Helps students in preparing for specific careers/jobs.
  • Exposes students to their field of interest, and illustrates potential benefits of the profession.
  • Acquaints students to the corporate environment.

Academic Support

  • Discusses graduate school options with the mentee
  • Assists the mentees in filling their university applications, and shares experiences of graduate and/or professional schools. 
  • Demonstrates the benefits of a graduate education. 
  • Shares research opportunities and/or internships, fellowships and financial aid.
  • Assists the mentee with the graduate school entrance exam requirements, (such as the GRE, MCAT, LSAT, GMAT).

Personal Development

  • Introduces the mentee to positive role models who have gone through similar experiences. 
  • Encourages career goal setting and how to achieve them. 
  • Invites students to visit their company and attend professional events or conferences 
  • Assists students with professional networking

What are the Benefits of Having a Mentor?

  • Learning about potential career options from someone who has had a similar experience 
  • Obtaining practical and professional advice from a different perspective  
  • Networking with experts in your field of interest & expose yourself to the professional environment 
  • Learning about the operations of a specific company and industry
  • Sharing your educational and career aspirations with your own personal advocate

What Is The Reward of Being A Mentor?

  • Acquiring the rewarding experience of guiding an AUB student. 
  • Having a chance to help current registered students and be connected to AUB. 
  • Maintaining communication and interacting with other mentors. 
  • Helping the mentee succeed in their future career path. 
  • Being eligible for the AUB Mentor of the Year Award.

What Is Expected Of Me As A Mentor?

  • Help the mentee acquire knowledge, information and skills.
  • Encourage the mentee to approach other references for information and develop his/her own network of resources. 
  • Guide the mentee to become an active, self-directed problem solver. 
  • Be ready and able to have regular contact with the mentee.
  • Establish a positive relationship with the mentee.

What Type of Commitment is Required?

The Mentor program runs at the beginning of every academic year, from October through September. The teams should communicate at least once every 2 weeks, primarily through e-mail. The mentor and mentee agree on the type of their relationship in terms of time duration, topics discussed, etc.

During the Christmas, Easter, and summer vacations as well as semester break, teams are encouraged to arrange a site visit at the mentor's place of employment, if possible.

What Type of Communication is Recommended?

E-mail is the primary means of communication; therefore mentees and mentors must have regular access to their email accounts. Email can be less intimidating, gives mentor/mentee time to convey thoughts in a more articulate manner, and allows both to respond to each other as their schedule permits.

It is strongly recommended that email correspondence is periodically supplemented with telephone conversations or face-to-face meetings, to further strengthen relationships. 

If you are interested to participate in the Mentor/Mentee program, please fill the registration form below.

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