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Career and Placement Services
Career Development

From the first day of nursery school and throughout one’s career, skills are acquired or may be sharpened. Most aspects of career life involve skills that need to be learned such as: job search strategies, cover letter and resume writing, as well as effective interviewing skills.

The interview is one of the most important phases of the job search process. Your resume and cover letter are simply tools to get you to the interviewing stage. Keep in mind that employers tend to interview candidates who are qualified for the job. Therefore, once you have past the initial screening, it is your opportunity to convince an employer by using your persuasion and communication skills that you are the right person for the job

In addition, other career skills are needed for the work place such as: leadership, team work, creative and critical thinking, salary negotiation, business etiquette, communication, presentation and public-speaking, problem-solving and decision-making, career time management as well as stress management.

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