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Student Housing
Dorm Life
Dorm Life
Check the Photo Gallery page to learn more about the dorm's life.

As its name suggests, Residence Life within Student Housing in charge of overseeing all aspects of life within the residence halls. Its mission is to:

"create and sustain communities within the residence halls that are civil, educational, inclusive and socially just... and to foster the individual growth and development of the whole student within the community."

Residential Life staff are committed to the total education of each student within a traditional residential campus. Every student is considered a unique, whole individual who is in the process of developing through the residential life experience. Each student's current needs, motivations, and interests are significant factors in the relationship between the office and the student. The residence life program is designed to enhance the value of a student's individual educational experience as an integral part of the university community. A wide range of quality services and programs are available to support and challenge each student to become an active participant in his/her out of classroom education.

As an active participant, the student learns to effectively satisfy his/her personal academic needs as well as experience the importance of becoming a responsible member of the university community and society.

The university residential life experience is a time of increased growth in interpersonal, intellectual, identity, and value dimensions of development for a student. Through the residential experience, students develop autonomy, mature relationships, and purpose.

A special feature of residence life on campus is the social life and activities that distinguish it from what could turn out to be an isolated lifestyle out in the big city. Below is a list of annual activities that serve as a backbone to lively and entertaining communal living.

Regular Social Events and Activities

  • Soccer Game: Penrose vs. Kerr (October)
  • Receptions (October)
  • Open House (October, February, and March)
  • Karaoke Party (February) - Quiz Nights- Rally Paper or Talent Show (May) - Overseas Trip (April) - Cultural Night - Theme Nights (Ramadan, Christmas, and Easter). Some events may be substituted by other events upon popular request of residents.

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