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Welcome to AUB Student Housing! AUB offers its students the opportunity to live in its residence halls and share a rich community life on its beautiful campus. We provide quality housing facilities and services to ensure a wholesome living environment that enables students to thrive personally and academically.

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Eligibility Student Housing Criteria

Student Housing Rates AY 16-17

Fall 16-17 dorm room assignment (WOMEN)

Fall 16-17 dorm room assignment (MEN)

Note: Penrose Hall is closed as of Fall 16-17 for 2 years. For off campus alternatives follow the link:

-   Bliss 3000

-  Al Sheikh Hotel

- Midtown Hotel

- HOM studios

- Domus Manara (Prices & other details)

- Important dates to remember for Fall 2016-17 (Current & new students)

Spring Application 2016-17

- Application will be activated for all students current & new from November 1- November 18, 2016 inclusive. 


"Home is where the heart is"

Amended Policies & Regulations Spring 2014-15 
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